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  • wealthiest authors in the world

    25 Wealthiest Authors in the World

    The wealthiest authors in the world write a wide range of topics. From romance to financial management, these authors found a hungry audience and satisfied them with their words. It’s not all that surprising. For hundreds of years, authors have played a key role in society; they entertain, inform, and amuse their readers. Some have […] More

  • 80s kids

    25 Things ’80s Kids Could Do That Today’s Kids Can’t

    Did you know there are a many things ’80s kids could do that today’s kids can’t? The world has changed a lot since three decades ago. Technology and culture has radically altered the way we do things. What once was pretty normal is now either old fashioned, taboo, out-dated, or weird. While kids today have […] More

  • 25 Most Powerful Marvel Characters

    25 Most Powerful Marvel Characters

    Who are the most powerful Marvel characters? It’s a tough question with no easy answers. Marvel has an impressive array of characters from heroes to villains. From Spider-Man to the X-Men to the Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s no lack of heroes or villains in their multiverse. Many tout incredible powers, making it easy to […] More

  • Top 10 Best Personal Safety Alarms for Self Defense

    Top 10 Best Personal Safety Alarms for Self Defense

    It’s sad you even need to find a personal safety alarm for self-defense. It’s okay to admit it. That’s the world we live in. There’s no fighting it or denying it. The best thing you can do is protect yourself. While it would be nice if the police were everywhere, Robocop existed (one day, maybe), […] More

  • 25 Richest Celebrities With The Highest Net Worth

    25 Richest Celebrities With The Highest Net Worth

    Yes, there are more than 25 richest celebrities with the highest net worth in the world, but the list has to start somewhere! It’s a well-known fact that celebrities make a lot of money but how much money may surprise you. From actors to basketball players these celebrities rake in millions of dollars a year. […] More

  • naked in the jungle how to survive

    Naked and Afraid in the Jungle: How You Can Survive (List25)

    You suddenly find yourself naked and afraid, in the jungle and you need help! The first thing to do is pinch yourself. If you’re not in a dream, we have bad news for you— it won’t be easy. As you’re probably aware, the jungle is one of the harshest and most unforgiving environments in the […] More

  • wayne's world

    25 Best SNL Sketches Of All Time You Have To See! (List25)

    Yes, we really do have the 25 Best SNL sketches of all time! Even though you’ve seen it a thousand times, the best SNL sketches still find a way to make you laugh. Memorable and hilarious, they’re a cut above the rest, sticking in your head long after they’ve been off the air. It’s all […] More

  • the muppets

    25 Websites Compared to Muppet Characters That’ll Make You Laugh

    You’re thinking, “25 Websites Compared to Muppet Characters That’ll Make You Laugh” is a strange list! But guess what, it’s one of the most hilarious List25 compilations. We all have our favorite websites and Muppet characters. On their own, websites and Muppet characters are great. You know, they’re fine. Many do their job well. But, […] More

  • gentlewhispering asmr

    Top 10 Most Popular ASMR Whispering Videos – Ranked

    With so many videos to choose from, choosing the top 10 most popular ASMR whispering videos is no easy feat. In fact, it’s nigh impossible. ASMRtists release great content every day. The wide selection of quality videos is truly unfathomable. However, over the years, certain mainstay videos have made a true impact in the ASMR […] More

  • A man lying down with headphones on

    ASMR Facts: What Is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response? (List25)

    You need some tingly ASMR facts you can fall asleep to. This phenomenon called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a big deal on YouTube! It only makes sense. You’re stressed, can’t sleep, and filling your head with warm tingles is your magical key into dreamland. Then again, you might also be new to this […] More

  • Bizarre And Interesting Facts About Christmas

    25 Bizarre And Interesting Facts About Christmas

    For some, Christmas is, simply put, mundane. If you’re part of that ho-hum crowd, then you’ll definitely want to hear about these bizarre and interesting facts about Christmas. While Christmas may at one point had a certain magic to it, now you just don’t feel it. You need an adrenaline kick to all the merriment […] More

  • 25 Hilarious Help Wanted Advertisements

    25 Hilarious Help Wanted Advertisements

    Hiring good people is tough. Thankfully, out of that difficulty arises hilarious help wanted advertisements. Companies and hiring managers work hard to find the best and the brightest. Too often, they fall short of that goal, finding a handful of poorly qualified candidates that couldn’t spell responsibility to save their life. Still, if you’re a […] More

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