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  • The Stand By Me Doraemon Director Will Make the first 3DCG Dragon Quest Games Anime Film

    On February 13, 2019, it was announced that the Dragon Quest game will be making its first appearance on the big screen this year. The announcement was made by Takashi Yamazaki, famed film director of Stand by Me Doraemon and Parasyte films, on News Zero program at NTV. The film’s official website stated that the […] More

  • Ni No Kuni Is Set To Hit The Big Screen In The Summer Of 2021, Says Warner Bros. Japan

    In the February 9, 2019 press conference, Warner Bros. Japan announced the debut of an anime movie based on the game franchise Ni no Kuni. The film is being produced by the Japanese video game developer Level 5. Akihiro Hino, the Chief Executive Officer of Level 5, is the movie’s scriptwriter and producer. The original […] More

  • God Eater 3’s Trailer Takes The Internet By A Storm

    The God Eater 3 is Bandai Namco’s take on a battle between “the chosen ones” and its’ enemies. Having inspired a famous 13-episode television series earlier in 2015, the God Eater franchise is all set to bring back their name to the world of games. The God Eater 3- Attack on Aragami has been launched […] More