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  • calvin and hobbes

    25 Amazing Facts About Calvin and Hobbes

    Do you love facts about Calvin and Hobbes? If you’re anything like me, you’re a Calvin and Hobbes fanatic. You probably remember Spaceman Spiff and Calvin’s Invention “The Transmogriphier,” not to mention all of the crazy adventures that Calvin went on with his trusty tiger, Hobbes. We also can’t forget Calvin’s loving but fairly impatient […] More

  • 25 Most Famous Dogs in History

    25 Most Famous Dogs in History

    Who are the most famous dogs in history? Believe it or not, dogs can do more than laze about your house. Over the years, some dogs have become famous for heroic deeds, such as serving in the military, or bringing medicine in harsh weather conditions. Dogs have also acted in huge blockbuster movies, where they […] More

  • Top 10 Beach Travel Destinations

    Top 10 Beach Travel Destinations

    You’re looking to get away but need advice on beach travel destinations. You’re probably reading this right now and saying “I could sure use a vacation.” We got you covered. After all, you deserve one. You’ve put in long hours at the office, watching the time pass by, staring out your window, just wishing you […] More

  • dog training

    Top 15 Best Dog Training Videos – Ranked!

    Are you having difficulties getting your dog to behave? Dogs can be a real handful especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, YouTube has plenty of dog training videos to help out. So, whether your dog won’t stop going to the bathroom in the house, are constantly barking, or keep jumping up on […] More

  • worthless college degrees

    25 Worthless College Degrees People Keep Applying For

    It’s sad to say, but there are plenty of worthless college degrees that universities offer. When you enter college for the first time, choosing a major can be difficult. You may be asking yourself, “Where do I want to be in ten years?” Usually, young, starry eyed dreamers walk into the hallowed halls of college, wanting […] More

  • job interview red flags

    Job Interview Red Flags You Don’t Want to Ignore

    So, you snagged a job interview and you’re super excited. Not so fast. I know looking for a job sucks. It’s time consuming, stressful, and once you land that job interview, you’re so relieved. It’s easy to put on blinders and not discern potential problems. Don’t go into a job interview with rose colored glasses. […] More

  • new year's outfits

    25 Craziest New Year’s Eve Outfits

    So, do you have New Year’s Eve plans with a killer outfit? It’s totally fine if you don’t. For some, New Years is just another day. However, for many others, New Year’s is a time to take things to a whole new level. They get dressed in the craziest outfits, go out with friends, and […] More

  • All Time Best Online Anime Series That Everyone Should Watch!

    All Time Best Online Anime Series That Everyone Should Watch! (List25)

    So, just what is included in an all-time best anime series online list? Is it the action, storyline, artwork, or the cast of memorable characters? Maybe it’s all of them. Anime has a combination of storylines. Popular themes usually include friends who do battle with each other. Additionally, there are stories about kids in school […] More

  • man grimacing in pain

    Top 10 List: All Time Worst Pains That I Want Nothing To Do With

    What do you think is the worst pains known to man? There are varying degrees of pain someone can experience. We’ve got the doctor’s pain chart to help us out with that. Of course, pain tolerance isn’t created equal. Some of us can take a hit to the face like a champ while the next […] More

  • terrifying movies

    Terrifying Movies You Should Watch Again Because It’s That Scary!

    Have you ever scanned through Netflix, looking at titles of terrifying movies, and passed right by them? Of course you have. With so many horror movies released every year, it’s easy to look over potentially great flicks. Plus, some frightening films get lost in the annals of history and are readily forgotten about. I’d like […] More

  • riddles for adults

    Top 20 List: Fun and Clever Riddles For Adults

    Do you consider yourself a riddle master that needs some fun and clever riddles for adults? Are you constantly trying to figure out ways to get your mind stimulated? Whether your a seasoned riddle pro like The Riddler from “Batman,” or just someone who likes to kill time and stretch the old brain muscle. Riddles […] More

  • 25 Most Insane Body Piercings Of All Time

    25 Most Insane Body Piercings Of All Time (List25)

     Like tattooing, people go way overboard with body piercing as you’ll see soon enough with these most insane body piercings. Often considered an art form or hobby by its “practitioners,” most people sow their wild oats by putting on a nose ring and calling it good. However, the more extreme minded take things to the […] More

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