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  • dog training

    Top 15 Best Dog Training Videos – Ranked!

    Are you having difficulties getting your dog to behave? Dogs can be a real handful especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, YouTube has plenty of dog training videos to help out. So, whether your dog won’t stop going to the bathroom in the house, are constantly barking, or keep jumping up on […] More

  • Brazilian Wandering Spider

    25 Amazing Animal Facts You Might Not Know

    The animal kingdom is full of amazing facts. It’s a world that never ceases to amaze us with all sorts of wonders and incredible feats. There are animals that can do seemingly impossible things such as traveling faster than a sport’s car or having the ability to kill someone with a mere brush of its […] More

  • reindeer

    25 True Reindeer Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

    One true reindeer fact everyone should know is that they don’t fly. If you didn’t know that, and I just crushed your childhood dreams, then I’m sorry. As much as we might wish they flew, they don’t. It’s the sad reality gravity and physics deals to us land-dwellers. But, fear not, there’s plenty to learn […] More

  • cute puppy with the words "so cute!"

    Adorably Cute Puppies To Make You Feel Warm And Fuzzy (List25)

    Everyone loves cute puppies. If anyone’s ever said they don’t, they’re lying or need to question their humanity. It doesn’t matter what breed the puppy is, they’re all adorable. From rottweilers to pugs, all they have to do is flash those eyes at you, and instantly, you’ll feel warm and fuzzy inside. Let’s face it, you […] More

  • house centipede

    25 Creeping Crawling Creatures You’d Hate To Find In Your Bed

    Warming: ’25 Creeping Crawling Creatures You’d Hate To Find In Your Bed’ will keep you up, scared! It’s 2 AM. You are snuggled in your bed within your soft fluffy comforter when suddenly you feel something. It seems to be “walking” on your legs, making it’s way towards your chest. In a panic, you remove […] More

  • A girl standing next to and touching an elephant with its trunk curled back.

    25 Cool And Absolutely Extraordinary Elephant Facts

    Scattered throughout sub-Saharan Africa and the Southern parts of Asia, elephants are the world’s largest land animals. Traditionally, two species of these amazing giants are recognized – the African elephant and the Asian elephant. Most people can agree they’re amazing and fascinating creatures. Unfortunately, due to poaching and habitat destruction, the world’s population of elephants […] More

  • Snoopy as a pilot on top of his dog house

    25 Famous Dogs That Stole Our Hearts

    Are you a dog person? Even if you aren’t, it’ll be hard to deny that these famous dogs are well known by name. Not only that, but after we learn their stories, it’s hard not to fall in love with them, too. From brave and adventurous to silly and messy, it’s no wonder that these […] More

  • white wet persian cat

    25 Funniest Cat Fail GIFs You Have To See

    Cats are one of the most common house pets you can have, and whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit they can be very entertaining animals. With their sly ways of moving around to their curious personalities, cats can make a very amusing pet for any family. Are you ready to […] More

  • A woman standing on stop of a killer whale

    25 Worst Animal Attacks In Recent History

    Animals, no matter how tame or domesticated they may seem, are still animals and just like the Steppenwolf sings “like a true nature’s child we were born, born to be wild;” animals are, yes, born to be wild. When they are agitated, hungry, or scared, they go back to the very essence of what makes […] More

  • stretching cat

    25 Remarkably Human Things Cats Do

    If you are a cat person and have lived with cats, or should we say you have been a slave to your furry friends for years, you will be able to relate to this post! Cats are very independent; unlike dogs, they can entertain themselves for hours. They are also very bossy. If they are […] More

  • Dog looking over couch at camera

    25 Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs

    All animals in the animal kingdom are special and unique in their own ways; however, everyone knows man’s best friend is ultimately the dog. With their incredibly intelligent characteristics and their humorous antics, it’s impossible to not love the furry canines. Dogs are so much more than just a companion. In fact, there are a […] More

  • 25 most bizarre spiders

    25 Most Bizarre Spiders

    Spiders by nature creep most people out. In fact, about 30% of Americans are afraid of spiders. It’s no wonder why. They’ve got multiple big eyes, many long legs, and scurry about in dark places. But those features don’t even begin to describe most spiders. Many are just down-right bizarre. Evolution has had a large […] More

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