A Rundown of the Boogiepop and Others’ Episode 8

The Episode 8 of the Japanese famous light novels Boogiepop series, “Boogiepop and Others” was aired on February 15th of 2019. The episode VS Imaginator 5 revolved around the main antagonist of Boogiepop and his destruction. The end of the episode saw the demise of Spooky E. and hopefully with him the mysterious mission of Towa Organization.

The episode started with Jin’s narration, on whom the entire episode was focused. However, Suema soon takes the focus away when she sees one of the girls in the room acting suspicious. Worried about the sudden changes she observes in Kotoe’s personality, Suema discusses the matter with Jin and informs him of Kotoe’s skeptical behavior. She said it was strange for her to be so in love with Jin at one point and then become completely indifferent. She also believed that Jin, too, had changed.

Jin starts observing the roots inside Suema to find out why she was so worried about a girl she wasn’t friends with. Jin then says he was looking for a girl with a “balanced seed” who would serve as the ultimate sacrifice for the entire world. Upon probing, he says he only needs a live model for one of his paintings.

This scene addressed the curiosity of the audience who wondered whether Jin was completely taken over by Suiko Minahoshi – who happens to be the antagonist in the series named as Imaginator – or if the Imaginator existed as an individual being. We found that the Imaginator was present in the form of a girl and discussed Suema with Jin right after she left the room.

The episode also showed Jin’s speech where he compared how Spooky E and Imaginator worked differently. He said that Spooky E’s brainwashing worked only for a short-term whereas, Imaginator had the power to influence more a long-term, making them change more permanently.

Later, the episode showed an interaction between Jin and Spooky E where Jin tried to confront him about the wrongdoings of the Towa Organization. He mentioned their drug program and the baffling deaths of people in the past. We saw Spooky E trying to attack Jin but failing to do so.

As we know that Jin has the ability to erase any aspect of people’s personalities, he chose to abolish the trait of aggression in Spooky E’s individuality. As aggression has always been a paramount attribute of Spooky E’s identity, he ended up attempting suicide.

Jin’s concerns about forgiving humanity came in the next scene with the revelation of his intentions to sacrifice Camellia. However, his plans might change after being informed about her boyfriend.


The episode left its viewers with a lot of questions and in a state of curiosity about whether Jin’s plan of purifying humanity will succeed. We will also get to see if Boogiepop will appear in the coming episodes to gather everyone and win the war against all the forces.

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