25 Worthless College Degrees People Keep Applying For

It’s sad to say, but there are plenty of worthless college degrees that universities offer. When you enter college for the first time, choosing a major can be difficult. You may be asking yourself, “Where do I want to be in ten years?” Usually, young, starry eyed dreamers walk into the hallowed halls of college, wanting to study their favorite subject, regardless if it’ll get them a job or not. But, I think we can all agree, that’s one expensive waste of money. Not all degrees are created equal. Many are much more appealing to companies and headhunters. For instance, you’re much more likely to get a job in a specialized field like medicine or engineering. Rather than wasting money on a degree that won’t get you anywhere, study about it at the library on the side. What are those worthless degrees, you ask? Well, I’m here to help you out. Here are 25 Worthless College Degrees People Keep Applying For.


International Studies


The unemployment rate for this degree is 9.93%. Most companies that require this degree also want someone who speaks a variety of languages. So, if all you know how to say in any language is, “Where is the nearest bus stop?” You might want to think of a different major or download a language learning app.


Religious Studies

religionstudiesSource: https://www.kiplinger.com/

The pay rate for jobs in this major are not that high, but if you’re looking to be a priest, you’re probably not in it for the money. A starting salary in the religious field is anywhere from $38,000 to over $43,000. A mid-career salary is a little over $62,000.


Exercise Science

exercisescipichttps://www.kiplinger.com/, https://puckermob.com/

If you want to be a physical trainer, get a certificate from a school that specializes in physical fitness. It’s not necessary to spend money on a degree from a university for a major in Exercise Science. Most employers in the industry don’t even look at it. Also, the average pay is only a little over $32,000 a year.




You can either sing, play an instrument, or both. You either have a talent or you don’t. A Music degree is not going to change that. Save your money and start playing open mics.


Paralegal Studies


There used to be a higher demand for this position. Today, because there are so many paralegals and many are willing to work for lower salaries, it doesn’t pay to spend money on a degree.

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