25 Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

Posted by , Updated on October 1, 2022

Breaking up is a hard thing to do. You have to deal with emotions, finances, friends, the world, etc. However, there are things that can make the act of “breaking up” easier for all involved. Fortunately for us, this list is not about that (how entertaining would 25 best ways to break up with someone be?). If you have ever done any of these 25 worst ways to break up with someone …you are officially a bad, bad, person (and we laugh at you).


On the phone

21 over-the-phone_tn

With the exception of a long distance relationship (which never work), breaking up with someone over the phone is one of the clearest signs you don’t want to interact with that person… ever. No talking, no eye contact, no weird emotionally contorted faces about to cry; nope, just a callous, hollow phone call.


Through Twitter

25 twitter_tn

We get a lot of information from twitter. Some of it is good like trivia info or a Lists25 post. Others are not so good like your significant other breaking up with you. This is probably the epitome of cowardice.


Through Facebook

24 facebook_tn

There are a lot of ways to break up with someone on Facebook. You can be blunt by posting and tagging the new ex on a post that says you quit, you can simply change your status to “single” from “in a relationship”, or you can even unfriend and block the poor heartbroken unfortunate soul. But if you really want to be evil, just flaunt your life on the newsfeed and let the whole wide world (including the ex), know you’re better off single or with someone way better.


Through a text message

23 text message_tn

It boils down to two unfortunate words: “It’s over”. No exclamation needed, no long explanation; just two words. However, if you want to be particularly mean, go ahead and add an exclamation or two.


By leaving a voicemail

22 voicemail_tn

You want to break up but you don’t want to deal with that long conversation or that pathetic sight afterwards. What do you do? Why leave a voicemail of course. Your lack of sensitivity will save you from hours and hours of crying and whining.


By being extra mean

3 mean_tn

“Sticks and stones may break my bones” but your words will always hurt someone; especially if you are being maliciously cruel only to get out of a relationship. It’s a low blow to anyone who has to endure such treatment.


On a vacation

19 vacation_tn

Anything can happen when you’re out of your comfort zone. Feelings could turn from fiery hot to ice cold and before you know it, your spouse (soon to be ex) is dropping you like a hot potato or worse; a soggy stale piece of French fry. If the now ex wants to leave you and jump on another adventure, let him or her go. You’re on vacation anyway so might as well clear your head and chill, right? Just be sure to charge everything to his/her account.


In bed

18 in bed_tn

This is probably the nastiest clincher after a steamy romp. The one question you probably see flashing in your mind is “What did I do wrong?” as you bravely stare at your ex’s naked back unceremoniously heading to the door and out of your life. Just know that it takes a special kind of person to do something like that…the kind of special you are better off without.


By ignoring relationship issues

17 ignoring_tn

Ignoring relationship issues can be a sign that the relationship is heading towards a dead end. But its a heck of a lot worse when the childish act of avoiding confrontation is celebrated in the terminal even more childish outcome of a broken relationship. Just remember, diamonds are diamonds because they are rare and it takes a heck of a lot of effort to get them.


While with friends


One thing is to break up in a public space, where people who don’t know you, won’t probably know you and just don’t care inhabit. However, when you break up in front of people who are mutual friends of you and your ex, you are adding a whole mess of drama that is just not wise.


In front of your family

15 with family_tn

Similar to number 16 but multiplied times ten, breaking up in front of family is like detonating a shrapnel bomb in the middle of all of you family members. No one is walking out of that situation without getting hurt.


In Public

14 in public_tn

If your brain is raging like wildfire and you’re just despicably mad at your future ex-lover try the classic “humiliate them while in public” way of breaking up. In order to solidify the resolve you can a) throw a glass of wine on his/her surprised face, b) slap him square on his jaw (notice she’s doing the slapping. Guys, this is not an option for you) c) kick him somewhere extremely painful (Again guys, not an option for you) d) throw a chair over his head (… it looks like the ladies have the upper hand here).


Leaving a post it

13 post it_tn

Those colorful cute little squares can spell utter sweetness as well as an insufferable tragedy. There’s not too much space to write on but somehow, bitter and cold feelings can fit in quite perfectly. To make matters worse, these bad boys can be stuck anywhere.


By lying

5 lying_tn

Lying is bad, but when you lie about your relationship status that’s a whole different level of bad. If you are going to break up with someone do it already and don’t lie about it! It’s like removing wax strips, the slower you do it, the more painful it is…(but then again, maybe that’s what you were going for).


By dragging it out for so long until you end up initiating it

11 dragging it out_tn

If you are completely unable to utter the words “It’s over” this is the break up for you. The way it works is you just stick around as an emotionless zombie. Eventually your future ex will get so tired and annoyed by your lack of backbone that he/she will have no option but to dump you. It’s a win-win situation.


At your “Special Place”

10 special place_tn

It can be where you first met, where you went to on your first date, where a proposal was made or where you took your first vacation alone together. Any of those places can be counted as special place and are ideal to turn your future ex’s day into a living nightmare.


On Valentine’s Day

9 valentine_tn

Cupid probably never had a clue that your soon-to-be ex decided to turn the day of hearts into a day of doom. But you can’t blame the winged cutie about it, blame your indecent, heartless, hell spawned ex. Forget a cupid’s arrow, this person deserves a poisoned spear.


On your birthday

8 birthday_tn

It’s your party and you’ll cry if you want to, right? Not, if your future ex has anything to say about it. With gallant strides, he/she walks through a room full of friends all wishing you happy birthday, only to pull you aside and give you the worst present of your life. And the worst part of it is, it doesn’t even have a receipt so you can’t return it.


On your anniversary

7 anniversary_tn

If you want to add insult to injury, go ahead and break up on your anniversary. It’s like saying “the worst day of my life was when you and I got together”.


Through a friend

6 through a friend_tn

This has “sleaze” written all over it. If you lack the internal fortitude to break up face to face, you can opt for someone else to do it for you. It’s like the relationship Mafia; get someone else to do your dirty job.


At someone’s funeral

12 funeral_tn

This has to be one of the most heartless forms of breaking up. It’s almost like rubbing salt in an open wound with an additional squeeze of lime and arsenic.


While pregnant

4 pregnant_tn

It’s harder to get any lower than breaking up with a woman who is pregnant with your child. The implication of course is that you don’t want to take responsibility for the child, which of course makes you a sleaze ball.


Through a billboard

20 billboard-break-up_tn

Calling it quits through a billboard for the entire world to talk about is a totally epic (and quite painful) way to break up. Your dirty laundry isn’t everybody’s business but who cares? If you think your ex deserves the cruelest bashing and you have his/her money to pay for your marvelous idea, then go ahead, make him/her want to hide from civilization.


By cheating


Getting caught in bed with someone else is probably the most horrifying scene in the history of relationships. There is only one thing that is arguably worse than this, and that is…


By being literally left at the altar.

1 left-at-the-altar_tn

For years, some dream of that magical day called marriage. Ridiculous amounts of money is spent on things like wedding dresses, cakes, musicians, food, etc. all to celebrate that holy union and that wonderful promise of everlasting love…that is until one of the promised ones decides he/she rather not get married. This is probably the absolute ultimate way to devastate, humiliate, destroy, someone.

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