25 Worst Pains Humans Can Experience

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What is the human body’s pain tolerance? What is the worst pain known to medical science? These are all good questions. We’ve all wondered things like how much pain can the body take before death? Well, today we’re going to answer those questions. These are the 25 Worst Pains Humans Can Experience.


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex regional pain syndromeSource: scientificamerican.com

Basically, your body’s pain receptors go crazy and cause intense swelling and pain (usually on a limb). The pain tends to get worse over time, and there is no cure. In fact, sometimes it gets so bad that the only solution is to amputate. Pro-tip: stop smoking. Apparently smokers tend to get this disease.


Cluster Headaches

Cluster headachesSource: webmd.com

Unlike migraines or tension headaches, cluster headaches occur almost directly behind the eyeball. They get their name because they occur in groups over a period of several weeks, usually at night. They are also “suicide headaches” because the pain is almost unbearable. Some people say it feels like a stick is being jammed through your eyeball and into your brain.


Penile Fracture

ouchSource: webmd.com

Every guy knows what this is, and it hurts just as much as you think it does.


Postdural Puncture Headache

Post-dural-puncture headacheSource: webmd.com

Also known as a spinal headache, this is one of the worst head pains a human can experience. Basically your meninges (one of the most sensitive parts of your body) are affected; it’s a common side effect of spinal anesthesia. The worst part is that movement can make it worse. Common symptoms are hearing loss, vertigo, nausea, dizziness, and extreme pain. It has been described as “searing and spreading like hot metal.”


Emotional Pain

emotional painSource: mayoclinic.org

Ranging from depression all the way to PTSD, there is a lot of evidence showing that emotional trauma and pain triggers the same parts of the brain as physical pain. In fact, it has sometimes been shown to trigger the pain regions even more. Psychological distress is one of the worst things a person can experience.

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