25 Worst Pains Humans Can Experience

Posted by , Updated on June 5, 2017


What is the human body’s pain tolerance? What is the worst pain known to medical science? These are all good questions. We’ve all wondered things like how much pain can the body take before death? Well, today we’re going to answer those questions. These are the 25 Worst Pains Humans Can Experience.


Bear Attacks

BearSource: slate.com

Particularly polar bears; those things are mean! However, that doesn’t mean black bears and grizzly bears are any less dangerous. They’ve been known to seriously injure people, leave them for dead, and then come back later to finish the job. Talk about painful…


Breaking Wheel

Breaking wheelSource: history.com

This medieval method of execution involved the condemned being tied to a wheel and then their limbs being bludgeoned until they broke. The mangled body was often left on display. Many times, the victim was kept alive for days with strong drink.


Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered

Hanged, drawn, and quarteredSource: history.com

Although the death penalty is finally outlawed in Europe, back in the day, the Europeans were ridiculously malevolent when it came to handing out punishment. There was no such thing as lethal injection. No way. Prisoners were drawn through the street behind a horse, hanged until just before the point of death, disemboweled, beheaded, and then quartered (chopped into 4 pieces).


Bullet Ant Sting

bullet antSource: esquire.com

Also known as the Paraponera clavataca, the bullet ant sting is rated as the most painful sting on the Schmidt Pain Index. Brazilian tribesmen sometimes have to experience multiple bullet ant stings as part of their initiation ceremony.


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Trigeminal Neuralgia

lightningSource: mayoclinic.org, emedicine.medscape.com

For those of you who have never had issues with your trigeminal nerve…be thankful. This nerve is responsible for supplying “sensations to the face, mucus membranes, and other structures in the head.” Sufferers of this condition say it’s like be struck in the head by lightning.

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