25 Worst Pains Humans Can Experience

Have you ever wondered what are the worst pains a human can experience? We hate to say it, but there are quite a few. Pain is the sensory response your body sends to your brain to let it know when and where something has gone wrong. Usually, this is helpful because it warns you about something that might harm you, such as touching a hot surface or stepping on something sharp. In some cases, however, the pain itself can become so unbearable that it becomes the problem itself, and in these scenarios there is often not much a person can do but suffer through it. Here are the 25 worst pains humans can experience. Hopefully, you’ll avoid having to go through them yourself.


Bear Attacks

20bearattacksSource: slate.com

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that bears are not animals to be trifled with. With the largest species, the polar bear, weighing up to nearly a thousand pounds, these incredible animals could easily maul a human in only a matter of seconds. That said, only about 3 humans in the U.S. and Canada die from bear attacks each year, compared to the roughly 40 to 50 lightning strike related fatalities per year in the U.S. alone.


Broken Femur

19brokenfemurSource: www.moveforwardpt.com

The femur, or thigh bone, is the largest bone in the human body and, as such, breaking one is no laughing matter. Typically sustained in high impact trauma such car accidents due to the amount of force necessary to break the bone, a femoral fracture is definitively the most painful fracture a person can experience. Even the healing process is arduous, often taking four to five months and leaving lasting repercussions that can affect somebody for years after the break.


Drawn and Quartered

18drawnandquarteredSource: history.com

Before the days of lethal injection, methods of execution were much more cruel and inhumane. One such method from medieval Europe involved prisoners dragged through the street behind a horse, hanged almost until death, disemboweled, beheaded, and then brutally cut into four pieces.


Insect Sting

17insectsingsSource: esquire.com

We’re not talking about the your run of the mill honeybee sting; some insects, such as the bullet ant of Central and South America, contain a venom that can put a human in excruciating pain for days with only a single sting.


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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Migraine Knowledge Electrical Headache BrainSource: mayoclinic.org, emedicine.medscape.com

The Trigeminal nerve is responsible for supplying sensations to the face and head, so when it becomes disrupted the results are definitely not good. Described by sufferers as “being stuck in the head by lightning,” Trigeminal Neuralgia attacks can be triggered by simple actions such as brushing teeth or putting on makeup.

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