25 Worst Jobs Ever You Might Not Want On Your Resume

Posted by , Updated on June 23, 2016

As sad as it is, there are way too many people who do hate their jobs. In fact, some estimates even suggest that most people do not like their jobs, which is a really frustrating statistic if we consider how a significant part of our lives is spent at work. If you are one of those who thinks their job sucks, and you cannot leave it and find a better one for whatever reason, let us cheer you up by assuring you that you could definitely have it even worse. That’s right, as you will see in today´s post, there are actually many jobs that you would never want to have. To make you appreciate your current job more, we have searched the web through and compiled a list with 25 Worst Jobs Ever That Are Nearly Unbelievable. From armpit sniffer and breath odor evaluator to pet food taster and crime scene cleaner, we bet you would not even want to try any of these 25 Worst Jobs Ever. If this still has not made you like your job more, let us add the fact that most of these 25 Worst Jobs Ever are also very low-paying. Now your job isn’t that bad, is it?

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Feature image: wikipedia


Road kill collector

Road killImage: en.wikipedia.org

With the traffic getting denser and denser, the amount of animals killed by vehicles has increased to the point that road kill collectors have become needed on the roads. These people are responsible for locating, removing and disposing of road kills.


Human scarecrow

scarecrowImage: geograph.org.uk

Dressed up in old tattered clothes with large holey hats, walking around a field – this is how several students have really ended up, performing the job of a human scarecrow.


Paint drying watcher

paintingImage: pexels.com

Yes, there are people out there who got paid for watching paint dry. One of the most boring jobs ever, this job is to figure out how the colors of the paint change as they dry and to ensure that the paints are durable.


Animal masturbator

bullImage: en.wikipedia.org

As many scientists and researchers need animal sperm, there must be someone to provide it. Needless to say, obtaining sperm from large animals such as pigs or bulls can be also very dangerous.


Ceremonial guard

Ceremonial guardImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Being a ceremonial guard might seem like a cool job, but standing motionless and expressionless for long hours in every kind of weather is actually not cool at all. Moreover, the guards often have to endure annoying tourists who take pictures with them.


Armpit sniffer

ArmpitImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Working for cosmetic companies, armpit sniffers are paid for smelling other people´s armpits to determine the effects of the companies´ products such as deodorants.


Breath odor evaluator

mouthImage: en.wikipedia.org

As disgusting as the previous job, the position of a breath odor evaluator also requires a good sense of smell and willingness to evaluate smells that are usually far from pleasant. Breath odor evaluators usually work for mint and toothpaste companies.


Dog breath sniffer

DogImage: en.wikipedia.org

The dog version of the breath odor evaluator, the dog breath sniffer analyzes odor of dog´s breath to test the effect of their diet on their teeth.


Sewage cleaner

Sewage cleanerImage: en.wikipedia.org

Another job that really stinks, a sewage cleaner has to deal with some of the worst odors on a daily basis. In some less developed countries, sewage cleaners even have to dive into the sewage and clean it manually.



DienerImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Also known as morgue attendants or autopsy technicians, dieners are morgue workers responsible for handling, moving, and cleaning the corpses before autopsies are performed in hospitals.


Ticket inspector

Ticket inspectorImage: www.geograph.org.uk

One of the most hated jobs by other people, a ticket inspector can be a surprisingly tough job as both verbal and physical attacks by angry fare dodgers is something ticket inspectors have to deal with on a daily basis.


Ear cleaner

Ear cleanerImage: commons.wikimedia.org

In India, people can have their ears cleaned by a specialist known as an ear cleaner. First, the cleaner examines your ear with a brass pick, and then he removes all the ear wax.



PusherImage: commons.wikimedia.org

If you wonder what a pusher actually pushes, let us inform you he pushes people in the train or metro in a station during the rush hours. This job is particularly common in Japan where the pushers are known as “oshiyas.”


Corpse flower grower

Corpse flowerImage: en.wikipedia.org

Native to Sumatra, the corpse flower is a gigantic flowering plant notorious for its extremely strong odor similar to that of rotten flesh. While the odor is literally unbearable to most people, some botanists grow these plants in greenhouses.


Coal miner

Coal minerImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Coal miners are known to have a considerably shorter life expectancy than other people as they work in an incredibly dusty, humid and hot environment that constantly damages their health. Moreover, there is also the risk of tunnel collapses and gas explosions.


Crime scene cleaner

Crime_SceneImage: commons.wikimedia.org

A job for only the most hardened, a crime scene cleaner is responsible for making things nice again after homicides, suicides, accidents etc. As you might assume, performing this job includes removing blood stains, body parts, bodily fluids and other gory things.


Mosquito bite victim

MosquitoImage: en.wikipedia.org

Several Brazilian researchers voluntarily turned themselves into mosquito bite victims for scientific purposes. They performed this painfully bad job as a part of a project to combat malaria.


Pet food taster

pet foodImage: pixabay.com

Yes, some pet food producers actually pay people to taste their products. As disgusting as it may sound, some pet foods are actually said to be quite tasty even for humans.


Grass growing watcher

GrassImage: pixabay.com

Similar to the paint drying watcher, the position of grass growing watcher also sounds extremely boring, but some grass seed houses really employ these people.


Target boy/girl

TargetImage: pixabay.com

In places such as circuses and fairs, some “shooting” attractions require so called target boys or target girls. Whether the target is to be hit with an arrow, knife or gun, it is always an accident waiting to happen.


Crocodile trainer

Crocodile trainerImage: en.wikipedia.org

In some Asian countries such as Thailand or Vietnam, a crocodile trainer is quite a common job. However, it is needless to say that sticking your head into the beast´s opened jaws and other crazy feats is quite dangerous.


Fart smell judge

Fart smell judgeImage: flickr.com

Also known as flatus odor judge, the position of a fart smell judge is exactly what it sounds like; the unfortunate person has to smell samples of farts and rate them according to the intensity of the smell.


Manure inspector

Manure inspectorImage: en.wikipedia.org

Animal manure is often used as a fertilizer to help crops grow, but even this stuff needs to meet certain standards first. Therefore, the manure has to be collected and inspected by a manure inspector.



GravediggerImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Unsurprisingly, a gravedigger is one of the least popular jobs, but this profession has been around for centuries, occurring in most cultures. In fact, even some celebrities have worked as gravediggers including former US President Abraham Lincoln and British singer Rod Stewart.



RendererImage: flickr.com

One of the dirtiest jobs ever, a renderer engages in rendering, a process that converts animal waste tissue into stable, value-added materials. The smell and sights inside a rendering workplace are a way beyond bearable for most people.

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