25 Worst Aviation Disasters And Plane Crashes In History

This is a warning: if you, or someone you know is about to get on a plane within 24 hours…don’t read this list. This is a counter-warning: there are thousands of flights all around the world that take off and land without any issues every day. If you end up reading this list anyway (which you almost certainly will), just know that you have a greater chance of dying in the car on your way to the airport than you do in even the worst of flying conditions. That was supposed to make you feel better. Having said all that, here are the 25 worst aviation disasters and plane crashes in history.

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Lauda Air Flight 004 - 223 dead

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On 26 May 1991 flight 004 from Bangkok to Vienna broke up in the air near the Burma-Thailand border after the thrust reverser on the left wing fired. Reports indicate that it’s subsequent dive could have exceeded mach 1 (the sound barrier). There were no survivors.


China Airlines Flight 611 - 225 dead

aviation disasters

On 25 May 2002 flight 611 from Taiwan to Hong Kong disintegrated mid flight due to faulty repairs 22 years earlier.


Korean Air Flight 801 - 228 dead

aviation disasters

Despite protests from the flight engineer that the captain was not detecting the correct signal for landing, he pressed on and guided flight 801 from Seoul, South Korea directly into the Guam mountainside leaving only 26 survivors.


Air France Flight 447 - 228 dead

aviation disasters

1 June 2009 flight 447 disappeared on its way to Paris from Rio de Janeiro. Although the wreckage was found after 5 days the black box was recovered 2 years later. The cause was found to be an inappropriate pilot response to faulty air speed indicators due to bad weather conditions and ice.


Swissair Flight 111 - 229 dead

aviation disasters

On 2 September 1998 Swissair flight 111 from New York to Geneva crashed into the ocean just off of Nova Scotia due to a rapidly spreading cockpit fire.

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