25 Wildly Successful Shark Tank Businesses You’ll Want To Hear About

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With eight seasons and almost 200 episodes, the popular American reality TV series Shark Tank has seen a number of interesting products and businesses. The point of the show for the contestants is to convince the judges (the Sharks) to invest in their business ideas to make them profitable. Yet, despite their outstanding experience and know-how, the judges have rejected some ideas that later turned out to be very successful and have earned the rejected contestants millions of dollars. From crazy sweaters from Tipsy Elves to the dating website Coffee Meets Bagel, today’s post will show you 25 Wildly Successful Shark Tank Businesses You’ll Want To Hear About.


Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel Source: inc.com

Three sisters, Arum, Dawoon, and Soo Kang, came to show, seeking $500,000 for 5% of their dating website, Coffee Meets Bagel. Impressed by the company’s growth and potential, Mark Cuban offered a jaw-dropping $30 million to the sisters for the entire business. Confident that the website had a potential to become a billion-dollar-revenue project, the sisters declined the offer. The website has soared in popularity since then, making millions in sales annually.



CityKitty Source: gazettereview.com

CityKitty is a revolutionary cat toilet training set invented by cat owner Rebecca Rescate. Most Sharks were skeptic about the idea, but Kevin Harrington ended up making a deal with Rescate. His investment ($125,000 for a 10% stake) and advice have helped Rescate to sell millions of dollars worth of CitiKitty units and make it bestseller on Amazon in the Home & Garden Department category.


Drain Strain

Drain Strain Source: success.com

Invented by Naushad Ali, Drain Strain is a bathroom sink stopper that prevents clogged drains. Robert Herjavec decided to invest $110,000 in the company for a 10% stake, and it later proved to be a very good investment. Drain Strain is one of very few prototypes featured in the show that have made their way to retail and become a top-selling product.


Chef Big Shake

Chef Big ShakeSource: insidermonkey.com

Chef Big Shake and his shrimp burgers is often considered the most successful Shark Tank reject. Even though no shark was willing to offer $200,000 for a 25% stake, the fame brought by the airing of the show led to other investors pouring their money into the business. This allowed sales to increase up to $5 million. In fact, Mark Cuban even stated once that one of his biggest mistakes on the show was passing up on this idea.


Ava the Elephant

Ava the ElephantSource: forbes.com

One of the first and most successful products to come out of Shark Tank, Ava the Elephant is a medicine dispenser for children created by Tiffany Krumins. Krumins struck a deal with Barbara Corcoran in the pilot episode of Shark Tank in August 2009. Just a few months after being featured in the show, Krumins was diagnosed with cancer, but she continued to work on the project that soon expanded to thousands of retail outlets all over the world.

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