25 Weirdly Awesome Things You Should Know About Minecraft

Some—probably very few—people might be wondering what Minecraft is and why you should care or know anything about it. Most of you, especially the younger generation and most likely their parents as well, are aware of this Lego-style adventure game that has been considered the most addictive PC game in the world for the past few years. With more than 100 million registered users worldwide, Minecraft has become a global pop culture phenomenon, and according to some reports, there have been cases of parents seeking professional help to keep their children away from their computers because they have become obsessed with the game.

The craziest thing about Minecraft is that you won’t see it advertised on TV, its gameplay is ridiculously simple, its primitive graphics remind you of video games from the early 1980’s, and there’s no story line whatsoever. Despite these facts, the game’s popularity continues to grow since its official release in 2011. In addition, some YouTubers who had the brilliant idea to make channels that focus exclusively on the game have become rich and famous and have millions of subscribers. If you’re one of those people who has a hard time understanding what this game is all about, we might be able to help you—though we seriously doubt it—with the following 25 Weirdly Awesome Things You Should Know About Minecraft.

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Iron Golems and wolves are the only mobs that can become hostile in peaceful mode. Just as in real life, never trust a hungry wolf, even in the world of Minecraft.

wolfSource: minecraft.gamepedia.com, Image: Wikipedia

When the game is paused, a hostile enderman will still shake just because they’re weird like that.

endermanSource: minecraft.gamepedia.com, Image: YouTube

Lava pools are pretty common even in the most freezing conditions in Minecraft. That’s why you see them pretty often in taiga and snowy landscapes in the game.

minecraft lavaSource: minecraft.gamepedia.com, Image: YouTube

In the real world, a cat supposedly has nine lives, but in Minecraft, it appears to have even more since it suffers no damage whatsoever in falls.

minecraft imageSource: minecraft.gamepedia.com, Image: YouTube

As you’ve noticed, in case you play the game, creepers might not have hands, but they can still climb ladders with ease.

creeperSource: minecraft.gamepedia.com, Image: Wikipedia

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