25 Weirdest Ways That Some Of History’s Most Unfortunate People Died

From tripping on beards to being pushed over cliffs by hoards of hungry sheep, these are the 25 weirdest ways that some of history’s most unfortunate people died.

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Death by belly slam

strange deaths

British pro wrestler Mal “King Kong” Kirk was squished to death under the belly of Shirley “Big Daddy” Crabtree when Crabtree performed his signature “belly slam”


Death by necklace bomb

strange deaths

When pizza deliveryman Brian Wells was stopped by the police in the middle of a bank robbery no one believed his story that he had been forced to do it by some people he had delivered pizza to. He kept on pleading with the officers saying that the necklace he was wearing was a bomb. Unfortunately for him though, the bomb squad didn’t show up early enough.


Death by bookcase

strange deaths

When Mariesa Weber was reported missing by her family no one thought she would be discovered 11 days later, upside down, behind a bookshelf in her room. Apparently her and her sister would try to adjust the TV plug by crawling up on top of the shelf. When she slipped and fell, however, she couldn’t free herself and allegedly somehow suffocated with her family in the next room.


Death by sheep

strange deaths

In 1999, Betty Stobbs, 67, of Durham, England, took a bale of hay to feed her flock of sheep on the back of her motorcycle. Her hungry sheep, however, charged her bike and knocked her into a deep ravine. She survived the fall but was killed when her bike landed on top of her.


Death by re-creation

strange deaths

In 1991, a 57-year-old Thai woman named Yooket Paen was walking on her farm when she slipped on some mud, grabbed a naked live wire, and was electrocuted to death. Soon after, her sister was showing some people how it had happened when she also slipped, grabbed the very same wire, and died.

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