25 Weirdest Fears and Phobias You Never Expected

Posted by , Updated on December 11, 2023

Let’s face it, humans are fragile and can have some of the weirdest fears and phobias. We live in a dangerous world. Pretty much anything can cause us to shuffle off our mortal coil. That’s just in regards to our physical bodies, but we seem pretty emotionally fragile. At least, if I am to believe half the stuff I read on Twitter. So maybe it’s time to reevaluate the word phobia.
It’s almost always defined as an irrational fear. However, maybe no fear is truly without merits. If that’s the case, then this list can be read as a survival guide of sorts. And if you happen to see a fear you already have, don’t think that makes you personally strange. It makes you smart. You’re prepared for something the rest of us haven’t considered. So, to make you as safe as possible, I present the 25 weirdest fears and phobias you never expected.




friendsSource: http://common-phobias.com/Deipno/phobia.htm

This is the fear of dinner parties. There’s a lot of phobias that have to do with being afraid of social situations, but this one was the most relatable for me. I’m not personally afraid of dinner parties, but I could understand if some of my friends developed this phobia. They’re probably at least very tired of my, “Politics in the Speed Racer film” lecture.




I work around kids when I’m not writing articles so I’m surprised this fear, the fear of young people, isn’t more common. Through personal experience I believe empathy develops around the age of 24. When dealing with anyone younger, you just have to hope you caught them on a good day.




I doubt anyone reading this article has this phobia, the fear of opinions. If you do, we appreciate you sticking with us. The number system of this piece is mostly arbitrary if that makes you feel better.




I have some personal experience with this fear, the fear of being single. It’s not something I suffer from luckily, by my mother seems more and more frantic every time she asks me about my love life. Mom, I know you read all my articles, I’m working on it.



wood cubehttp://common-phobias.com/Sesquipedalo/index.htm

This list will be a tough read if you have this, the fear of long words. Ironically, “Sesquipedalophobia” may be the longest word in the article. However, stick to the explanations and you should be okay. Despite being a professional writer, I have a pretty basic vocabulary.




This phobia, the fear of sourness, was probably developed by a lot of people who grew up on late ’90s candy. Warheads and Cry Baby Tears weren’t too extreme in small quantities, but playground challenges led to scaring experiences.



beautiful womenhttp://common-phobias.com/Venusta/index.htm

It can be tough out on the dating market, so this, the fear of beautiful women, is understandable. Try to stay optimistic.




The fear of books makes sense. I have quite a few on my shelf taunting me while I watch Netflix. I’m not sure I’m ready to dive back in to reading, though. “The Red Badge of Courage” really soured me on the experience in 7th grade.




The fear of being in love just sound like something people claim to have after the old, “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse. It’s apparently a real thing, though. Maybe being on the wrong end of that excuse leads to the phobia. I’m still putting myself out there, so I’ll keep you guys updated.




I’m not sure what could happen to make a person be afraid of good news. I guess I thought it was good news when I heard they were making a “Last Airbender” movie. Getting ones hopes up is a scary thing.




If you know anything about the American legal system, you’re either a lawyer or you have this, the fear of lawsuits. You’re probably a lawyer, though. There’s too many lawyers these days.




I assume this phobia refers to shadows in general, and not just the fear of our own shadows. I’ve never been afraid of myself in a sunny day, but I have walked through my garage in dim light. The shadows make me think every piece of lawn care equipment is an evil demon or something.




I doubt this is a common fear, but how could I not include the fear of the number 13 in a list format. Bonus fact: if this site were called List700, I would have included Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. The fear of the number 666.



dark woodshttp://common-phobias.com/Nyctohylo/index.htm

This is certainly the most specific fear on the list. It’s the fear of the woods at night. Everyone should have a healthy amount of this phobia, honestly. Even if you don’t believe in witches and werewolves, there’s plenty of non-fantasy dangers out there, too.




The fear of wind makes sense in certain parts of the country. I probably had an unreasonable fear of tornadoes for a kid growing up in Florida. I’m going to blame “The Wizard of Oz.” I know it worked out okay, but the whole adventure seemed like a hassle.




As a former game store employee, I’m intimately familiar with the fear of bathing. I don’t mean to stereotype, but we definitely had some issues. You have to take care of yourself, guys. Face your fears with this one.




There’s a lot of adventure to be had out in the world. Naturally, some people are afraid to go home. It’s probably getting easier with how cool the internet is these days. Get over the fear of going home by watching List25 at your computer.




This phobia, the fear of being without your phone, makes complete sense. The only thing worse than spending a whole day without your phone is coming home to see no one has texted you.




Even If you weren’t effected by “The Nightmare on Elm Street” films, you might still have a fear of going to sleep. There’s a lot to do on any given day. Who has time to sleep?




As someone who barely changes their “Super Smash Bros.” character, I’m very sympathetic to the fear of trying new things. It’s easy to stay in a routine, but branching out can lead to new better experiences. At least, that’s what they tell me.




This one, the fear of failure, is similar to the last phobia. I’d say half the reason I’m afraid to try new things is because of the fear of failing at them. It’s part of the learning process, though. Usually no one will even notice.



close uphttp://common-phobias.com/Pharmaco/index.htm

The fear of medicine is pretty common these days. It’s probably a response to the over abundance of prescriptions being prescribed. My grandma always says, “everything in moderation.” Take an Advil when you have a headache. Just don’t take ten.




The fear of school encompasses like half of the rest of this list. Failure, books, no phone, and that’s just the first three I could think of. It’s worth it, though. Even with the US education system, you’re better off going to school. You’ll pick something up.




“Terminator,” “I Robot,” “Blade Runner,” and “The Matrix” all demonstrate that we should absolutely have a fear of robots. Don’t let McDonald’s convince you those kiosks are a good idea. They’ll control us someday soon.




Another list in the bag, so I clearly don’t suffer from this, the fear of work. I like doing these so maybe it doesn’t count.

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