25 Wedding Photos That Will Brighten Up Your Day

For many people, wedding day is the most beautiful, important, memorable and happiest day of their life. Surrounded by close family members and best friends, pledging their lifelong love and faithfulness to his or her partner is undoubtedly one of the most ceremonial and significant events one can experience. Yet, wedding days also tends to be full of unintentional hilarious moments that often get caught on camera. Laugh yourself silly at these 25 Wedding Photos That Will Brighten Up Your Day.


Sometimes, getting the groom to the altar is not as easy as one may think.

Wedding photowww.jokeroo.com

Should you happen to lack chairs for the wedding guests, there is a solution.

Wedding photoguff.com

On wedding day, never upset the bride. A Kick with a bridal shoe can be very painful.

Wedding photophotos.linternaute.com

Hard to say what was in the box but definitely not what she expected.

Wedding photolastbenchers.net

The emotions of the big day seem to be just a little bit too much for this poor flower girl.

Wedding photoguff.com

Knowing your wife-to-be´s strength can be useful.

weddings.lovetoknow.com 148415-600x399-arm-wresleweddings.lovetoknow.com

The family wedding photo is one of the most important photos of your life so don’t forget to make the appropriate face.

Wedding photowww.ewedding.com

A real fairy tale wedding.

Wedding photowww.kolektiv.me

When the wedding guests have too much fun.

Wedding photo1funny.com

As we have already said - never upset the bride on wedding day. Especially if she is a martial artist.

Wedding photowww.dumpaday.com

In some cultures, it is a wedding tradition to release a bird to bring the newly-weds happiness...Nailed it!

Wedding photowww.alazmenah.com

Remember to proudly show your wedding ring to your inquisitive groomsmen.

Wedding photowww.guy-sports.com

Having an elephant at your wedding is really cool just make sure the animal doesn’t eat you.

Wedding photo1funny.com

Seems like brides often take a weird pleasure in harming their grooms on wedding day.

25 Wedding Photos That Will Brighten Up Your Dayfunnystack.com

Groomsmen demonstrating their integrity in a really original way.

Wedding photooffbeatbride.com

Photobomb level? Expert.

Wedding photowww.dumpaday.com

When your pastor has had enough...

Wedding photodiply.com

You can't help but feel sad for him

Wedding photodiply.com

With these super-hero groomsmen, you have nothing to worry about.

Wedding photowww.mandatory.com

Hopefully someone noticed this discreet signal and saved the poor guy.

Wedding photowww.flickr.com

Another important rule: never invite an unruly T-Rex to your wedding.

Wedding photowww.newsiosity.com

Good groomsmen never let the groom fall down.

Wedding photo

No escape for you!

Wedding photorollingout.com

The bridesmaids vs. the groomsmen 4:0.

Wedding photobest-posts.com

They say in real love, height doesn’t matter but honestly, let us hope this towering beauty is about to marry a really big boy.

wedding photohant.se

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