25 Ways To Stay Awake When All You Want To Do Is Sleep

Posted by , Updated on January 26, 2024

We all know that kind of situation very well. You are supposed to work or study but you cannot help dosing off. Sometimes, staying awake can be a real challenge; especially if you are tired or bored. Fortunately, there is a surprisingly wide range of various tricks and hacks to help you fight the annoying drowsiness. Here are 25 Ways To Stay Awake When All You Want To Do Is Sleep.


Drink water. Often, dehydration is among the main causes of your drowsiness.

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Apart from drinking it, you can also splash cold water on your face. This will help you get rid of eye fatigue which is usually caused by staring at your laptop for long hours.

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Go outside and expose yourself to sun light. The more light your body is exposed to, the more active and alert it will be. Moreover, Vitamin D from the sun increases your energy.

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If you cannot go out or the sun is not shining, turn on all the artificial lights around your workspace for a while. It will have almost the same effect on you.

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Eye strain is one of the most annoying symptoms of drowsiness. Prevent it by exercising your eyes. You can roll them up and down, side to side. Remember to blink and look out into distance.

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Physical activity is a great way to fight sleepiness. If you can, try doing a few jumping jacks or push-ups every 30 minutes.

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If you cannot have a break for a regular exercise, move discreetly. Wiggle your feet, bounce your knees, stretch your arms and legs etc.

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Mental activity is also important. Keep your brain busy by watching other people and listening to them. Starting a conversation with your colleague will boost your mind.

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If there is nobody to interact with, listen to music. Genres such as hip hop, rock or metal are the best for keeping you awake. If you can, sing or hum along the songs.

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Avoid huge, heavy meals. It's a well-known fact that people tend to fall asleep after eating hearty meals. Instead, have something lighter, such as a salad.

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Be careful about caffeine. It does help prevent sleepiness but if you take too much, you can have a major caffeine crash.

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Watch out for energy drinks as well. They might help you overcome a short-term drowsiness but in the long run (similar to coffee) they can make you feel even more tired.

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Stimulating your smell also helps to keep you awake. Sniffing on citrus scents or peppermint can help wake you up.

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If you have nothing to sniff, chew on a gum or put a few ice cubes in your mouth.

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Acupressure can be useful too. Pulling down your earlobes and rubbing the back of your hand between your thumb and index finger are among the most common tricks.

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If you feel yourself losing the sleeping battle, causing a little pain to yourself may just do the trick. Pinching yourself on a sensitive spot like the forearm or under your knees usually works.

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Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Climbing stairs will give your body a mini workout (kind of like doing push ups in #20)

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Turn the AC on. Hot and stuffy air contributes to both physical as well as mental fatigue.

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If you can, take a power nap. A short nap of about 10-15 minutes will give you the boost to make it through the day.

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Your smart phone can also help. Download an application that displays strikingly bright colors. Watching them will activate your brain and make it stay alert.

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If you have the chance, take a quick cold shower. Few things will give you a better wake up call than this.

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Have a good laugh. Laughing at a joke or a funny video stimulates your mind.

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Get snacks that are high in protein and low in sugar (e. g. nuts, almonds, cashews etc.). These will give you a quick healthy energy boost.

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To keep your mind active, try to switch tasks. Even a minor new impulse such as writing with a new pen can stimulate your mind and wake you up.

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Although all these tricks can help you stay awake when you need to, it is much better to create a regular and healthy sleeping routine that will prevent you from having to force yourself to stay awake...

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