25 Ways To Professionally Leave A Conversation Without Being Rude

Have you ever met someone who just doesn’t know when to stop talking? Unfortunately, this happens both inside and outside the business world. Some people drone on and on, oblivious that everyone else is bored out of their minds and just wants to make an exit as quickly as possible. If you’ve ever wanted to escape from a conversation in a professional manner, we’ve assembled 25 lines you can use to politely get the heck out of there.

There are many reasons why you might want to excuse yourself from a conversation. Maybe you need to get back to work; maybe the conversation is naturally ending, and you want to close it smoothly; or maybe there’s just no chemistry, and you want to escape from the uncomfortable situation. Whether this has happened to you while speaking on the phone, mingling at a networking event, chatting with a co-worker on your way around the office, or even meeting someone on the subway, these lines will help you make a quick getaway. Plus, best of all, they normally won’t offend the other person and will leave you in a good light. If you’ve ever wanted to become more socially excellent and work your way out of these situations, check out these 25 Ways to Professionally Leave a Conversation Without Being Rude.


"It seems like we've covered all the points we needed to touch on. If there's nothing else to discuss, see you at next week's meeting."

business meeting gone on too longImage: Vimeo

"I'm feeling a bit peckish, so I'm going to take a quick break and grab a snack."

taking a breakImage: Pixabay

"Excuse me for a moment, I need to use the restroom."

men talkingImage: Beatrice Murch via Flickr

"Sounds like we've covered all we needed to get through, so I'll let you go. Thanks for a productive chat."

men-and-women-at-a-town-hall-meetingImage: Free Stock Photos

"It's been a pleasure to chat. Do you have a business card?"

Alan_Hassenfeld,_Chairman,_Hasbro,_in_discussion_with_Hubert_Burda,_Chairman,_Hubert_Burda_Media,_at_the_Horasis_Global_India_Business_Meeting_2009Image: Wikimedia

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