25 Ways That Quantum Mechanics Changed Our View Of Reality

Quantum Mechanics is one of the breakthroughs in science that enabled scientists to explain phenomena at the level of atomic and sub-atomic particles. As the Quantum theory progressed, the more “mysteries” it begin to tackle which prompted Einstein to say, “the more success the quantum theory has, the sillier it looks.” It’s no surprise that quantum mechanics has had a huge impact on our view of reality, see what we mean with these 25 ways that quantum mechanics changed our view of the universe.

25 Ways That Quantum Mechanics Changed Our View Of Reality

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Everything we know stands in a theory


Also known as the Final theory, this theory reconciles the Quantum field theory and the theory of General Relativity to link and fully explain all known physical phenomena and predict outcomes of every experiment conducted according to principle. However, the issue of how to fully combine the two huge theories of general relativity and quantum mechanics still stands.


The universe may be a hologram


Another interpretation of the world brought about by quantum mechanics is the idea that this three-dimensional universe is just a hologram. According to reports from a German-British observatory, they have allegedly detected small ripples in space-time that might be proof for quantum pixelization.


The more technology improves, the more imprecise innovations become


As technology advances, the need for precision arises as well. Inaccuracy of different objects such as clocks and thermometers could be attributed to the phenomenon of quantum noise. This noise impedes the ability of objects to measure perfectly. Thus, by eliminating this noise, things like atomic clocks or quantum thermometers gain perfect accuracy.


Light can be controlled and concentrated for different functions


The Laser is an innovation made possible by Quantum mechanics that was once thought to have no practical use. However, innovaition and development, they have enabled these emissions of specific quantities of quanta to be applied to different inventions from the CD player to missile-destroying defense systems.


Randomness can be calculated and predicted


According to scientists, nothing can truly be random with the help of quantum mechanics. If they had enough information about a dice roll, they could simulate a dice roll and come up with a prediction of the outcome in advance. However, by creating quantum noise and measuring the levels of noise produced, they are able to develop truly random numbers that could be used for data encryption.

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