25 Ways To Save On Your Light Bill

Posted by , Updated on August 24, 2014

Allocating money for your water, cable, telephone, internet and electricity bills can be a major headache, especially when you are working on a very little budget. You consume water and electricity every day and you can never possibly think of living without your home appliances just to cut your costs. Actually, you can cut your costs without having to give up electronic use. However, to prevent your electricity bill from going beyond a tight budget, you have to be ready for some adjustments. Here is a list of 25 ways to save on your light bill:

Defrost your freezer regularly

Defrost your freezer regularlywww.videojug.com

Most freezer these days come with technology that prevent freeze build up. However, if you own a freezer which lacks this technology, learning how to defrost your freezer at least once a week is helpful. Refrigerators are among the most energy-consuming appliances that you have at home, so defrosting it every once in a while helps you cut down on your electricity costs.


Be mindful of the temperature levels of your refrigerator and freezer

Be mindful of the temperature levels of your refrigerator and freezerwww.diylife.com

Remember that the temperature of your refrigerator or freezer determines the amount of electricity that it consumes. When you set the temperature too low, the refrigerator use more energy in order to keep those low temperatures constant. However, most people keep the temperature inside the refrigerator unnecessarily low. You should set your refrigerator at just about 37 degrees F.


Turn off the screensaver of your personal computer

Turn off the screensaver of your personal computerwww.youtube.com

Instead of setting a screensaver for your laptop or desktop when it is not in use, just let it sleep. Setting your personal computer on sleep mode is an effective power saving technique. When your computer is not in use, it automatically saves power by putting it in a low-power state.


Get an energy-efficient air conditioner

Get an energy-efficient air conditionerwww.apartmenttherapy.com

Traditional air conditioners consume a considerable amount of power even with just one use. It is a good thing that there are energy-efficient air conditioners sold in the market today. These air conditioners deliver just as effectively as traditional air conditioners, but consume less electricity.


Get a whole house fan

Get a whole house fanquietcoolwholehousefans.blogspot.com

Some homes have a fan installed in each of its areas or rooms. There is one installed in the living room, another in the dining room, and more in the bedrooms. These fans consume much electricity when used simultaneously. To reduce your consumption, get a whole house fan that can fan your entire house without consuming as much electricity.

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