25 Ways Mother’s Day Is Celebrated Throughout The World

Originating in the US in the early 20th century, Mother´s Day has become a popular event celebrated in many parts of the world. As most countries celebrate Mother´s Day on the second Sunday of May, which is just around the corner, we decided to dedicate today´s post to this festive occasion. From fiesta in Mexico to tying moms with ropes in Serbia, check out these 25 Ways Mother’s Day Is Celebrated Throughout The World.



Mother´s Day in Mexicowww.cozumelinsider.com

Mother´s Day was imported to Mexico from the US in 1922 and it quickly became a very popular holiday. Celebrated on June 10, Mother´s Day in Mexico includes large family gatherings, singing the traditional song “Las Mananitas”, magnificent feasts etc.



Mother´s Daywww.relaxandbefree.com

In Israel, Mother´s Day is celebrated on Shevat 30 of the Jewish calendar which falls between January 30 and March 1. Israel is one of the few countries where this tradition keeps its original meaning without massive commercialization. It is not an official holiday either.



Mother´s Day in Paraguaysomewhereinparaguay.com

Paraguay is the only country to celebrate Mother´s Day on May 15, which is also the Independence Day of the country. There have been some efforts to move Mother´s Day as it is much more popular than the Independence Day but so far, these two holidays stay un-separated.


New Zealand

Mother´s Daylifepopper.com

In New Zealand, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Although it’s not considered a public holiday, Mother´s Day is a big day for locals who celebrate it by organizing picnic parties, giving cards and gifts to mothers; and even serving them breakfast in bed.



Mother in Ethiopiawww.waha-international.org

Celebrated on the second Sunday of May, Mother´s Day is a big day in Ethiopia. The celebration usually includes large family gatherings and feasts. Traditionally, daughters bring vegetables and cheese to their moms while sons are supposed to get meat.

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