25 Ways Lefties Are Better Than Righties

Posted by , Updated on November 5, 2022

For centuries, society has looked down on left-handed people – but no more! In this list, we dig into some advantages lefties have over righties. As you’ll see, there are quite a few. If you’re left-handed, rejoice! If you’re right handed, it may be time to try being a bit more ambidextrous. Enjoy this list of 25 ways lefties are better than righties.


Generally smarter

A_Google_Glass_wearerSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

Though only about 10% of the population are left-handed, 20% of MENSA members are left-handed.


Quicker information processing

brain with information processing sectorsSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

By using both sides of their brain more often, left-handed people can process more information than the more commonly occurring righties.


Faster recovery times

meeting with health professionalSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: USDA Gov via Flickr

Lefties have been found to recover faster from strokes affecting one part of their brain since they often have to use both parts in a right-centric world.


More artistic

rembrandt paintingSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

Left-handed people tend to be better at artistic pursuits. Did you know that Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and Leonardo da Vinci were all lefties?


Better sports players

Marcus_Thames_Tigers_2007Source: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

In sports as diverse as boxing, tennis, and baseball, left-handed people perform better than their right-handed counterparts. It’s not entirely known why, but it could be due to other players having less practice dealing with their moves.


Better memory

brain in lightbulbSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Pixabay

Not specific to only lefties but to those who come from largely left-handed families, some people have better episodic memory (the ability to remember events) better than righties.



multitasking womanSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Ally_m via Flickr

Since a left-handed person’s brain thinks more quickly, they can handle more tasks at once.


Shorter waiting times

waiting in line at food storeSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

Lefties tend to go to lines along with their dominant hand (left) which is often times shorter than the right line.


A dedicated holiday

lefthanders day meetingSource: Everyday Health, Image: Wikimedia

Yes, there’s even a day to celebrate lefties. International Lefthanders Day falls on August 13th every year.


Make more money

businessmanSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Pixabay

For men who have gone to college, lefties earn 13% more than righties.


It's not all rosy

women with chartSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Pixabay

Oddly, for women who have gone to college, lefties earn 5% less than righties (but as you can see there are still plenty of other left-handed advantages).


Better drivers

Bus_DriverSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Wikimedia

Lefties tend to pass their driving tests (on the first time) more than righties, at a rate of 57% to 47%.


Better astronauts

Apollo_11Source: lefthandersday.com, Image: Wikipedia

Well, this one might be a bit disputed as to why, but it is true that 25% of the Apollo astronauts were lefties.


Faster thinkers

Left_and_Right_BrainSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Wikimedia

In lefties, the left and right sides of the brain communicate more quickly – another point for left-handed people being more intelligent!


More visual

PhotographerSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Wikimedia

Left-handed people lean more towards visual rather than written fields. They land up more in areas like photography and painting than in law or writing.


Faster typists

Backlit keyboardSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Wikimedia

On a standard QWERTY keyboard, left-handed people can type significantly quicker – only about 450 words can be typed with only the right hand in comparison to about 3,400 words with only the left.


Aquatic ability

Freediver underwater diving with monofin during freediving competition in London UKSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

Another feature whose cause isn’t exactly known, left-handed people better acclimate to being underwater.


Better health (sort of)

Visual-dyslexiaSource: Everyday Health, Image: Wikipedia

Though lefties have greater risk of dyslexia and learning impairments, they have been found to have lower rates of arthritis.


Better video game players

playing video gamesSource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Wikimedia

Lefties are better video game players due to their ability to handle more stimuli.


Lefties are royals

Elizabeth_II_Southern_CrossSource: Stanley Coren, The Left-Hander Syndrome, Image: Wikimedia

Though there are plenty of right-handed royals, a disproportionate amount are lefties, including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William.


Better warriors

african warriorsSource: Everyday Health, Image: Wikipedia

Lefties were likely more successful in battle (and would be if a zombie apocalypse comes) since fighting from the left was less common and prepared for.


Write in Arabic or draw Manga

Learning_Arabic_calligraphySource: anythinglefthanded.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

In areas which move right-to-left such as Arabic script or Manga magazines, left-hand writers have an advantage over the righties.


Better computer designers

Macintosh,_Google_NY_office_computer_museumSource: lefthandersday.com, Image: Wikimedia

Making sense due to many of the points stated previously, four out of five of the original Macintosh computer designers were lefties.


Scholarship money

college money jarSource: Scholarship Grants, Image: Tax Credits via Flickr

A few scholarships out there are restricted to only those who are left handed.


More likely to get elected

Bill ClintonSource: Everyday Health, Image: Wikipedia

Four out of the last seven U.S. Presidents were left-handed. They include Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Gerald Ford.

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