25 Ways Furious 7 Blew Our Minds

Posted by , Updated on November 3, 2022

Furious 7 is the latest in The Fast and the Furious franchise and the first where Paul Walker had to be written out due to his untimely death during production. That hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most action-packed Furious films yet. Breaking box office records at an $143.6 million debut, Furious 7 has taken the movie scene by storm and trust us when we say, the movie lives up to the hype. WARNING: If you haven’t seen the film, there are spoilers below. Here are 25 ways Furious 7 blew our minds.


The bus-to-car jump

Paul Walker jumping from bus

It takes mad skills (and an awesome stunt team) to show Brian O’Conner jumping from the falling bus and grabbing the car spoiler at just the last second.


Taking out the bus

Furious 7 Paul Walker on car

If getting shot at by a bus in Azerbaijan then ripping out it’s back side with grappling hooks isn’t enough, Brian’s leap-jump from the hood of his car to the bus is something only Walker could do.


Deckard setting the tone

Furious 7 Deckard call

British Special Forces assassin Deckard Shaw walking past the building he destroyed in the movie’s beginning set the intense tone for Furious 7.


Toretto house goes poof

Furious 7 Toretto house exploding

During his call to Dom, Deckard also sets off the bomb blowing up the Toretto house. Thankfully he didn’t put explosives in the garage which has the mac-daddy of Furious metal…


Dom's Charger

Furious 7 Dodge Charger

We love that they won’t let this car go – Dom’s 1970’s Dodge Charger is a muscle car like no other. Thankfully it seems like it doesn’t scare Dom that much anymore.


CGI Paul Walker

Furious 7 Paul Walker

Did you notice the times when Paul Walker moved strangely or didn’t speak in the group? Some scenes used a computer-graphic image of Walker to weave him into scenes post-death.


Jason Stadham

Furious 7 Statham in car

Need we say more? We expected Jason Stadham to live up to his reputation in other movies and his character had plenty of guts and fighting to keep us happy.


The constant swearing of vengeance

Furious 7 movie poster

We’re not saying vengeance is necessarily a good thing, but it made for an awesome action thriller.


Dom's Abu Dhabi scenes

Furious 7 Car stunt

Because who wouldn’t want to drive a $3.4 million Lykan Hypersport that can go 0 to 60 is less than three seconds between Abu Dhabi’s Etihan Towers?


Letty's fight scene

Furious 7 Letty punching Kara

Letty has loads of kick in her and wasn’t afraid to take it out on Kara (played by real-life UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey).


Iggy Azalea

Furious 7 set Iggy Azalea

We’ve come to expect big stars in F&F films and Iggy Azalea at the desert races was a fun choice – she even contributed to the movie’s soundtrack.


Dom's KO weapon

Furious 7 fight scene Diesel Statham

Remember why Dom originally went to prison back in the first The Fast and the Furious? He used a wrench to nearly kill the guy who killed his father. And he does the same with Deckard in the epic car garage fight.


Launching cars out of a perfectly good plane

Furious 7 cars in plane

As fantastical as it seems, the Furious 7 crew did actually throw cars out of the plane to film it – six times. They had a helicopter and parachuting camera operators alongside the driver-less cars to get the shots.


A quote we'll be using

Furious 7 cast

“I don’t have friends – I got family.” (Dom)


Race Wars, desert style

Furious 7 desert race

The only thing better than racing through the streets of Los Angeles is a no-holds-barred desert race.


Hector coming back

Furious 7 Dom and Hector

We never thought we’d see Hector (Noel Gugliemi) from the first Furious film again, but what a way to come back – getting punched in the face by Letty! Wonder whether Brian was still pissed about his car…


Playing chicken

Furious 7 car crash

You never know who will veer off first when you have two racers in a game of chicken, heading straight for each other. It seems neither Dom nor Deckard were chickens since they rammed right into each other.


The power of self-healing

Furious 7 Hobbs arm cast

When Hobbs rips off his cast because he can’t take it anymore.


The throwback to Tokyo Drift

Furious 7 Han

Director James Wan brilliantly called back to Tokyo Drift by featuring Han’s death (for the third time). Though the third Fast and the Furious film Tokyo Drift chronologically happens just before Furious 7.


King of drift

Vin Diesel in car

They might not have explicitly shown the scene with Dom racing Sean Boswell from Tokyo Drift, but from the scenes they showed of the two talking afterwards, it was definitely clear Dom won and established himself as Tokyo’s king of drift.


A Furious 7 present

Furious 7 UAE steps

As a thank-you to the United Arab Emirates for letting them film in the country, Vin Diesel gave Princess Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum a black Dodge Challenger, just like his. That’s a heck of a parting gift!


Battle Royale

Furious 7 Statham Rock Fight

The fist-fight between Deckard and Hobbs has to be one of the best in the whole Furious franchise (and probably the one with the most broken glass).


Machine gun drones

Furious 7 Diesel with machine gun

These definitely weren’t the Amazon package-delivering kind of drones – Furious 7’s Los Angeles scene was more action-packed in those few minutes than most action films.


The last ride

Furious 7 Diesel and Walker

There couldn’t be a classier way to say goodbye to Paul Walker than a last ride between him and Dom.


Paul Walker

Paul Walker before last ride

This last point is dedicated to the late Paul Walker – an installation from the beginning. It’s been a hell of a ride and the Furious franchise won’t be the same without you.

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