25 Wacky Green Items That Will Keep You From Getting Pinched This St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by , Updated on March 5, 2016

Did you know that if you’re not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, you could very well get pinched? It’s tradition! Most people avoid this odd (and sometimes painful) experience by wearing something…anything, that is green-a perfect opportunity to show off some creativity with wacky green items.

Celebrated on March 17, on the traditional death date of Ireland´s patron St. Patrick, St. Patrick´s Day has become a popular holiday in many parts of the world. According to an old legend, those who do not wear green on that day (as green is the national color of Ireland), will get pinched. The tradition of wearing green clothing or accessories on St. Patrick´s Day has been preserved until now but the variety of green items that can actually keep you from getting pinched on the day has expanded greatly compared to what people used to wear and have in the past. From green wigs and hair bows to watches and tablets, check out these 25 Wacky Green Items That Will Keep You From Getting Pinched This St. Patrick’s Day.


Striped Socks

Green socks

Let’s kick off our list of wacky green items with this pair of stylish green striped socks!



Green Wig

Avoid getting pinched in hilarious style with a green wig.



HatImage: www.amazon.com

If a green wig is a bit too eccentric for you, cover your non-green hair with a green hat. The rule is simple – the bigger the better. To be a 100% sure that you won´t get pinched, go for a shamrock-themed one.


Green Beard/Hat combo

Green beard hat

Something you can dye green is your facial hair. If you don’t have a beard, why not sport this nifty hat and beard combo.


Green Scarleton Fashion Stripe Tote Bag

Green purse

With a tote like this one, you will keep yourself from getting pinched while still being trendy.


Hair bow

Hair bowImage: gaeradesign.blogspot.com

Not a purse kind of gal? How about a green bow?



SneakersImage: www.hercampus.com

These strikingly green Converse shoes are a great choice.


High heels

High heelsImage: www.hercampus.com

But girls who prefer wearing high heels can also go green. With these special green glitter shamrock-themed stilettos.


Smart phone

Smart phoneImage: www.aviiq.com

The St. Patrick´s green mania has hit the world of technology as well. You can “green” up your iPhone



green mac

Feeling particularly festive? Why not deck out your Mac with this green rubberized hard case.


Apple Ipad Case

Green ipad

…or cover you tablet with this green case.


Apple watch

Apple watch Image: apple.com

…get a green Apple Watch



Headset Image: www.eventus.si

Gamers should get one of these stylish green Kraken PRO headsets produced by Razer. Designed for maximum comfort on the go.



CarImage: news.iheart.com

The most hard-core St. Patrick´s Day fans can even try to customize their cars like this one. We are not sure if it was designed in this way just for the holiday but it looks very Irish indeed.


Green Lantern cuffs

Green Lantern cuffs

Green Lantern cuffs for St. Patrick’s day? Sure why not!


Green Neon Nightlife Light up gloves

Green neon nightglove

The kids want in on the fun too you know. Give them these really cool LED gloves to bright up their St. Patrick’s Day.


Green Beads

Green beads

It’s all about the accessories! And you can’t get any more decked out than these green beads.


Green Wacky Glasses


Rock St. Patrick’s day with some green eye-wear.


Green Hairy Headband


Don’t feel like dying your hair? (we don’t blame you). Why not try this crazy green hair headband instead? Possibly the wackiest headband ever!



CokeImage: imgur.com

But did you know there is also a green coke?



Green umbrella

In Ireland, rain is very common and as the St. Patrick´s Day is celebrated in March, the chance of raining is quite high no matter where you are. Keep yourself dry and pinch-free at the same time with a green umbrella.



Green hat dog

As we at List25 are all devoted dog lovers, we wouldn’t suggest anything like dyeing your dog green to look cool on St. Patrick´s Day. However, you can still green up your furry friend! How about this adorable little green hat.


Face paint

Face paintImage: elaborateeyes.com

If you don’t want to spend money on green items, how about green face paint.



Green tie

If you – for some reason (e.g. your company´s dress code) – cannot wear anything from the things we just mentioned, you can still have some green on you with a trendy green tie. Seems legit, huh?



Green earing

For ladies with the same problem, we recommend something similar to these beautiful green earrings.

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