25 Wackiest Wedding Ceremonies

Posted by , Updated on May 18, 2014

Getting hitched doesn’t happen everyday and for most people, it is considered to be one of the most– if not the most– important events of their lives. It goes without saying that couples would want their wedding day to be something they’d remember forever. However, some people take it up a notch and come up with crazy ideas to make sure that their wedding is something people will not easily forget. We’ve seen plenty of unconventional weddings and 25 Wackiest Wedding Ceremonies will give you a rundown of those that definitely take the (wedding) cake!


Leap of Faith


You know what they say about Marriage– You never know what you’re getting into until you’re actually there. Well, these two are, quite literally,taking that leap of faith.


The Undead

The Undead Wedding

When you think of Zombies, the first thing that comes to mind is the undead. This wedding could be this couple’s interpretation of “Love Even In Life after Death”. Makes sense? Who knows.


The Plunge

Take The Plunge

They say relationships before marriage is when you test the waters. Getting hitched is when you take the plunge. And that’s exactly what these two are doing.


Ever After

Ever After

Everybody dreams of a happy ending. Taking cue from Shrek and Princess Fiona, this couple sets their eyes on a fairy tale wedding.


Don’t Leave Me Hanging


The underlying message of wedding vows actually says that couples should never leave each other hanging. Through thick and thin, spouses should stick to each other. No matter what! These guys are practicing just that.




Marriage is a never ending process. In order for it to survive, couples need to have the strength and tenacity of a superhero to overcome every obstacle that comes their way.


Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

This wedding puts a literal spin to “Memory” and “Picture Perfect”.




With skyrocketing divorce rates, there’s one thing all couples wish their marriage would be — A SURVIVOR!




Not everybody dreams of becoming the next Edward and Bella but you’d be hard pressed to find couples who don’t dream of an immortal marriage. Looks like this couple gunned for just that during their vampire-inspired wedding.




A lot of marriages turn sour when the novelty of the Honeymoon stage wears off. Here’s hoping this couple’s marriage turns out to be just like Peter Pan — Never Gets Old!


Star Wars

Star Wars

Somewhere, George Lucas is wondering why he wasn’t invited to this wedding.


Sweets For My Sweet


Yup. That’s a tub full of hot chocolate. This couple hopes to immerse their marriage in a life full of sweetness.


Does That Hurt?


The last thing we’d want on our wedding day is to float around supported by nothing but hooks on our skin. But not this couple. Judging the way they’re all smiles, there’s no other way they’d get married than getting suspended midair.


Like, Literally.


It wasn’t a metaphor when this couple handed out their wedding invitations that said Love Is In The Air. They literally took their love and exchanged it in, yes, the air. Well, aboard an Airbus A330, that is.


How Long?

Long Train

Very long actually. We’re talking about the bridal train reported to be 600 ft long. We sure hope the marriage lasts just as long too.


Zero Gravity


It’s your wedding day. Don’t let anything get you down. No, not even gravity.


Freezing Cold


Bride and Groom exchange vows on a frozen glacier in hopes of freezing this moment in time.


The Sky Is The Limit

Hot Air Balloon

Everyone wants to take their marriage up to the stars. But not everybody can afford to book a private plane like the couple in the Airbus so a hot air balloon is always a welcomed alternative.


Shark Tale

Shark Wedding

What better way to get married than incorporating it with your favorite hobby? This couple, both experienced divers, hopped in a cage and exchanged vows inside a 120,000 gallon shark tank while nurse and sand sharks circled around.




The groom reportedly spent a year’s worth of salary to buy 99,999 roses for his bride. In Chongqing, Central China where the couple hails from, 999 is believed to bring good luck.


Bagging a Bargain

Bagging a Bargain

The bride reportedly wanted to get married at T.J. Maxx for the very reason that she loves a good bargain. Who doesn’t?


This One’s For The Books

Jill Stapleton

The bride,Jill Stapleton, asked the 110 students at a dance academy she owns to be her bridesmaids — setting a Guinness World Record for the most bridesmaids in a wedding. Awesome!


Cold Feet

Cold Feet

The best way to get on with the ceremony when the groom is plagued by pre-wedding jitters.




Marriage is a road paved with many obstacles. The villains surrounding the newlyweds could be a metaphor for all the trials and tribulations every couple must face together to make their marriage work. Cool concept!


Kung Fu Bride

Kung Fu Bride

Showing him what he’s gonna get if he ever cheated. Way to go!

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