25 Wackiest And Most Unique Hotels On Earth

Posted by , Updated on January 24, 2014

From under the ocean to an igloo in the arctic circle these are the 25 wackiest and most unique hotels on Earth.

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Capsule Hotel, Netherlands

weird hotels

These bright orange capsules were originally escape pods on oil rigs.


Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

weird hotels

The bathroom is actually a fire hydrant in the corner.


Null Stern, Switzerland

weird hotels

Nothing beats having breakfast served to you in a former nuclear bunker.



weird hotels

Known as the “hotel on wheels” this mobile motel travels all over South America.


The Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

weird hotels

Now you can experience a night in the life of a hairy footed midget.


Das Park, Austria

weird hotels

This is perfect for anybody who has ever dreamed of spending a night along the banks of the Danube sleeping in a sewage pipe.


The Winvian Cottages, Connecticut

weird hotels

This former farm is now 18 cottages that have each been transformed to have their own theme. One is even a coast guard helicopter!


Library Hotel, New York City

weird hotels

The floors are numbered according to the Dewey Decimal System and each room as its own subtopic of books.


Capsule Inn, Tokyo

weird hotels

Although it looks a bit like a laundromat, each pod comes with a TV, radio, and alarm clock.


The Schneedorf, Austria

weird hotels

This is the coolest hotel on our list…in the most literal sense possible.


Crane Hotel, Netherlands

weird hotels

It’s hard to beat sleeping in your own fully operational crane.


Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin

weird hotels

Composed of 30 unique rooms you can sleep in anything from a mineshaft to a coffin.


The Jumbo Hostel, Stockholm

weird hotels

This grounded 747 comes fully equipped with 27 rooms.


Giraffe Manor, Kenya

weird hotels

This is probably the only place in the world that you can eat breakfast with giraffes in a really nice hotel.


The Poseidon Resort, Fiji

weird hotels

When this underwater resort is finished it will cost $30,000 per week.


De Vrouwe van Stavoren, Netherlands

weird hotels

If you had a bunch of enormous wine barrels you’d probably turn them into a hotel too! Ok, maybe not, but in the Netherlands that’s just how they roll.


The Balancing Barn, England

weird hotels

Although it looks like it’s about to tip over it can sleep 8 people quite comfortably.


Wild Brown Bear Hotel, Finland

weird hotels

For this hotel it’s more the location than the beds that draws so many visitors.


Utter Inn, Sweden

weird hotels

This floating red hut has a bathroom with an underwater bedroom.


Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

weird hotels

Have you ever wanted to spend the night in an igloo north of the arctic circle?


Bedouin Camp, Jordan

weird hotels

This is your chance to sleep in a goatskin tent like a semi-nomadic herdsman.


Cabanes du Bois Landry, France

weird hotels

There is no electricity or water and breakfast has to be served via pulleys.


The Queen Mary, California

weird hotels

Although this old ocean liner is supposedly haunted by ghosts you’ll get a chance to see what a luxury cruise on a century old ship might have felt like.


Adrère Amellal Eco Lodge, Egypt

weird hotels

No electricity, no internet, and no phone signal will give you a taste of what it’s like to spend a night in the desert.


Jules' Undersea Lodge, Florida

weird hotels

Here’s another undersea resort except this one is already fully functional and the only way to get their is with some scuba diving gear.

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