25 Volunteer Travel Experiences You Should Try

Volunteering is a great way to travel the world, make a difference, help other people or animals, and meet new friends. Whether you are a college student, a university graduate, or a professional on a career break, you can be sure there is a volunteer program for you. These days, there are thousands of interesting volunteer abroad programs available in many countries all over the world. For today’s post, we took a closer look at some of the best volunteer programs that might be interesting for you. From protecting sea turtles in Costa Rica and teaching English in Bali to farming projects in the Caribbean and castle renovation in France, here are 25 Volunteer Travel Experiences You Should Try.

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Feature Image: Daniel Thornton via Flickr


Husky Ranch in Canada

HuskySource: http://fronteering.com

Dog lovers will certainly enjoy volunteering at a husky ranch in Canada. The main tasks include working directly with the dogs as well as plenty of dog-sledding trips where the volunteers will help with guiding the trips and training the huskies. Available all year round, this program offers durations of 4 to 12 weeks.


Wildlife Research in South Africa

elephantsSource: gviusa.com, image: pixabay.com (public domain)

Have you dreamt about having a hands-on experience with huge African mammals such as lions, elephants, leopards and rhinos? Try the Wildlife Research in South Africa Expedition volunteer program. This program allows you to spend up to 24 weeks at a Big Five game reserve in South Africa and volunteer alongside an international team assisting in vital conservation work. You will learn to track animals, study their behavior and get familiar with them.


Heroes on Horseback in India

Horseback rideSource: http://fathomaway.com

Provided by Relief Riders International, the Heroes on Horseback program brings all-encompassing relief to poor villages around Rajasthan, India. Volunteers participate in the unique experience of riding on horseback through the desert to provide numerous welfare programs for poor villagers: free eye surgery, free dentistry, free pediatric care, HIV/AIDS prevention awareness, donating livestock to widows etc.


Go Remote in the Amazon, Ecuador

Amazon jungleSource: http://fathomaway.com

Provided by the Pachamama Alliance, this unique program immerses volunteers with the Achuar People, one of the most remote and intact indigenous cultures on the planet. Volunteers will participate in this Amazon tribe’s traditions, and they will help to protect their lands and culture.


Build Community in Thailand

Thai manSource: fathomaway.com, image: pixabay.com (public domain)

Help to promote community-based tourism in remote areas in Thailand with this program offered by Local Alike. The volunteers will support local villages through cross-cultural engagement and engage in many interesting activities such as mountain climbing, camping, tours etc. It is a great program for people who want to explore Thailand and get familiar with its traditions and culture.

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