25 Frightening Video Games That Will Give You Nightmares

People generally love horror may it be in films or video games. However, while a good horror story may keep you awake for a night, a frightening video game may just keep you awake for weeks. Despite that, some still consider horror games among their all-time favorites. Some even enjoy playing these games in a dark room in order to further enhance the thrill. So, here are 25 frightening video games that will give you nightmares. Do you think you’re brave enough to play these games in a dark room?




ObsCure focuses on a group of five high school seniors who stumble upon a laboratory where biological experiments are being performed. In this game, students must fight their way out in order to warn the other students about the monsters lying ahead.


I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

I Have No Mouth and I Must Screamforum.gamer.nl

The player controls the last five survivors left on earth after a super computer called AM 109 killed off the human race in the Final War. The aim of this computer is to torture them forever.




This game pits you against the ever watching, ever stalking (and ever so freaking scary) slender man who is itching to kill you while you attempt to run away. If you dare to pick up this game, I suggest you buy a set of new undergarments…trust me, you will need them.




Unlike most other horror games out there, Siren emphasizes stealth. In other words, the player has to survive by hiding rather than fighting. How do you survive if you can’t fight? Find out if you dare.


Rule of Rose

Rule of Rosewww.gpxz.com

A psychological horror game, Rule of Rose does not involve supernatural elements like others on this list. Rather, it features horrible kids who are psychotically horrible to one another (and to you). This game draws influence from the cruelty of the characters found in the fairy tales of Brothers Grimm.

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