25 Frightening Video Games That Will Give You Nightmares

Posted by , Updated on March 21, 2024

People generally love horror may it be in films or video games. However, while a good horror story may keep you awake for a night, a frightening video game may just keep you awake for weeks. Despite that, some still consider horror games among their all-time favorites. Some even enjoy playing these games in a dark room in order to further enhance the thrill. So, here are 25 frightening video games that will give you nightmares. Do you think you’re brave enough to play these games in a dark room?



SCP stands for “Secure Contain Protect,” an organization that seeks to secure and contain anomalous objects which can be classified as “safe,” “Euclid” or “Keter” depending on the level of threat that they pose. The object of this game is to observe and monitor a renegade man-sized doll called SCP- 870, as failure to do so might cause it to kill you.




In this horror adventure game, the player acts like an amnesiac patient who has just arrived at a mental asylum, trying to figure out what is going on after getting involved in a car crash. If you dare to enter into this game’s twisted world, be prepared to encounter your unknown psyche filled with deformed children and ghosts from your past.



This adventure horror game takes on the persona of a mystery author seeking seclusion to work on his next book. Unfortunately for the author, the house he’s chosen contains a secret past that will frighten any-sense-you-may-think-you-have out of you.

Dead Space

Dead Spacewww.wallpixr.com

This monster fighting game is set in USG Ishimura with half of the ship in disrepair and the other half filled with slavering monsters. Considered as one of the scariest video games today, it is also often dubbed as the master of “jump scare”. Warning, this game is not for the faint of heart (or any heart for that matter).


Silent Hill

Silent Hillwww.thejabberlog.com

Silent Hill is a horror video game that has a clever way of keeping players on edge. To play this game, the player is forced to go out into the street with just two bullets in his gun, all the while the sound of flying monsters grows louder or quiets down as he walks along the deserted street.




ObsCure focuses on a group of five high school seniors who stumble upon a laboratory where biological experiments are being performed. In this game, students must fight their way out in order to warn the other students about the monsters lying ahead.


I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

I Have No Mouth and I Must Screamforum.gamer.nl

The player controls the last five survivors left on earth after a super computer called AM 109 killed off the human race in the Final War. The aim of this computer is to torture them forever.




This game pits you against the ever watching, ever stalking (and ever so freaking scary) slender man who is itching to kill you while you attempt to run away. If you dare to pick up this game, I suggest you buy a set of new undergarments…trust me, you will need them.




Unlike most other horror games out there, Siren emphasizes stealth. In other words, the player has to survive by hiding rather than fighting. How do you survive if you can’t fight? Find out if you dare.


Rule of Rose

Rule of Rosewww.gpxz.com

A psychological horror game, Rule of Rose does not involve supernatural elements like others on this list. Rather, it features horrible kids who are psychotically horrible to one another (and to you). This game draws influence from the cruelty of the characters found in the fairy tales of Brothers Grimm.


Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned: Criminal Originswww.taringa.net

Condemned: Criminal Origins is a detective story that involves elements of horror and brawler mechanics. The player plays Ethan Thomas, an agent tasked with investigating the lowest rung of society while searching for a serial killer.




F.E.A.R. features lots of nightmare moments via psychic little girls with long dark hair covering their faces. The main character is constantly unnerved and is vulnerable to having his mind all muddled up. F.E.A.R. features both super soldier horror and fast paced action.


Haunting Ground

Haunting Groundlistas.20minutos.es

Haunting Ground revolves around Fiona, the main character who wakes up in a cage following a car accident. She finds an ally in the form of a dog named Hewie, but this dog only follows commands if he is treated well. The object of this game is to solve puzzles, avoid pursuers and survive the scary night as enemies relentlessly hunt you down.


Silent Hill 4: The Room

Silent Hill 4: The Roomarchive.foolz.us

Of all the Silent Hill entries, this horror game is the only one where the player is locked in his room in an apartment building. This room serves as his hub and safe haven through the game, as he travels through different supernatural locations filled with ghosts and monsters.


Penumbra Series

Penumbra Seriesfilmovizia.blogspot.com

This video game is filled with an atmosphere of horror that is heightened by music, sounds and environments whose sole purpose is to drive your fear factor insane. It would not be totally surprising if by the end of this game you find yourself jumping at empty dark corners and flickering lights.


Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2vheejhe.blogspot.com

Thanks to the “T-virus” that has successfully transformed the citizens of raccoon city into something straight out of the walking dead series, you will encounter zombies, zombies everywhere. From parasitic looking humanoids to freaky un-dead dogs, this game has more than enough to freak you out of your skin.


7th Guest

7th Guestwww.thealmightyguru.com
In this twisted game, the player plays the role of an amnesiac who has to figure out what happened to the other six guests invited to a crazy mansion owned by a mysterious toy maker.

Clock Tower

Clock Towerwww.rpgcodex.net

A point and click game set in Norway, Clock Tower features a young girl named Jennifer Simpson who finds herself adopted by a wealthy recluse named Mr. Barrows. He lives in a mansion called “Clock Tower,” where every adopted girl disappears at night. The player plays the role of Jennifer, and the object of this game is to find out what happened to the other guests.


Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Darkgalaxynextdoor.com

Taking the role of private investigator named Edward Carnby, you are given the task to uncover the mystery of a powerful stone that contained non other than Lucifer himself. Of course, your quest involves the ultimate and ghastly demise of demon possessed corpse who are out to get you.


Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earthwww.taringajuegos.net

Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” this game is a survival horror game where the player takes on the role of a man who has just been released from a mental institution.


System Shock 2

System Shock 2androbit.net

With flickering lights and blood all over the ship as its backdrop, System Shock 2 features SHODAN, a perfect intellect whose sole mission was to make our lives easier. Instead, SHODAN now seeks to utterly destroy you.


Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiemwww.p-nintendo.com

Spanning centuries and a dozen different playable characters, this game is the grandest of all Lovecraft-inspired horror video games. The setting and conflict are both terrifying and push the sanity meter of any player to it’s utmost limit.


Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2blog.gameagent.com

This game delves into the psyche of James Sunderland, a man who does not look at the same world as anybody else does. The object of this game is to find out who his real enemy is—the town, the player or the character himself.


Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterflyfashion.azyya.com

Fatal Frame 2 involves two little girls who live in a haunted village and are being threatened by supernatural forces. The player plays the role of one of the innocent girls who is armed with a small camera which can only be used in close proximity.`


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descentpewdiepie.wikia.com

As the player of this game, you assume the role of a man with amnesia who lives in a castle and has to remember something for a certain reason. The castle is filled with monsters, but unlike other games where the character has to fight the enemies, the only option that the player has is to hide in the dark.