25 Valentine’s Day Crafts You’ll Love

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No matter how many years young you may be, crafting is a fun way to spend some of your free time. Today we have compiled a list of crafts to celebrate Valentine’s Day that will satisfy any crafter’s heart, from tiny tots to those of us with a few more years under our belts. Here are 25 Valentine’s Day Crafts You’ll Love.


Yarn-Wrapped Hearts

yarn heartsImage & Source: easypeasyandfun.com

To start off, let’s do something cute that will keep the kids entertained all while fine-tuning those motor skills. Go ahead and get them started on this, and then you can work on the mugs found in number 2 of this list!


Lil Love Monsters

yarn monstersImage & Source: eighteen25.com

If you’re looking for a craft that would be great for both you and your Little to do together, these cute monsters are a great idea. There’s hot glue for you to play with and yarn and googly eyes for both of you. It’s a great bonding craft.


Valentine's Day Bird Feeders

vday bird feedersSource & Image: wineandglue.com

Are you a nature lover? Do you have birds that like to visit your yard? Here is a clever craft that allows you to celebrate love and your feathered friends!


Valentine Love Sign

love sign craftSource & Image: petticoatjunktion.com

This is a fantastic craft if you happen to have scrap materials around…particularly in the garage. It’s also a great way to upcycle things that would otherwise (not) be decomposing in a dump somewhere.


Love Monster Paper Bag

LoveMonsterPuppetSource & Image: iheartcraftythings.com

While this one is for kids, even adults have to admit this puppet monster is down-right adorable!


Valentine's Love Potion (Science "Craft")

vday love potionSource & Image: notimeforflashcards.com

This is arguably not a craft per se, but I couldn’t help it. While you won’t be able to hang it on your fridge or wall, who wouldn’t want to help their kids make a love potion?


Heart Windsocks

heart windsocksSource & Image: nontoygifts.com

Wait! Don’t put those empty cans in the recycle bin yet! This craft is a perfect way to celebrate the holiday and a gentle breeze (or not so gentle depending on where you live). Did we also mention it’s pretty simple to make?


Deco-Mesh Valentine Wreath

deco-mesh-valentine-wreathSource & Image: craftymorning.com

Where are my more advanced crafters? Yes, you over there. I see you. This one’s for you. Look how amazing this wreath is! Now I just need to get someone to make it for me as it’s beyond my particular skill set.


Slow Falling Hearts Sensory Bottle

heart sensory bottleSource & Image: rhythmsofplay.com

Everyone needs a time-out once in a while; I’m not talking about the time-out when you’re in trouble but the time-out when you need a moment to just…chill. These sensory chill-out bottles for kids are all the rage on Pinterest, and here’s a version that adds the Valentine’s Day spirit.


Heart Shaped Crayons

heart crayonsSource & Image: cherishedbliss.com

If you’re a parent of small children or teach a classroom full of them (God bless you), chances are you might have a few broken crayons around. Instead of throwing them away, try out this craft to love on your kiddos.


Paint Swatch Heart Air Balloon Nursery Art

Paint-Swatch-Heart-Air-BalloonSource & Image: thecardswedrew.com

The title of this craft says “nursery art,” but it’s quite cute to use as a Valentine’s decoration. Have fun making it this year; enjoy it year after year, every time this holiday rolls around.


Fingerprint Love Canvas

lovecanvas4Source & Image: farmwifecrafts.com

This craft is perfect for a young blooming artist or for a fun night with your girlfriends and a couple bottles of wine. We don’t judge; you’re never too old to finger paint. Just make sure you cut your stencils before you pop that bottle.


Bee Mine Valentine's Day Craft

bee-mine-valentines-day-craftSource & Image: theresourcefulmama.com

Is all the pink and red becoming too much to handle? These cute bees still get the message across without the overload of the obligatory Valentine’s Day colors.


Heart Flower Sucker Valentine

Heart-flower-suckersSource & Image: thekeeperofthecheerios.com

What’s associated with Valentine’s Day as much as hearts and love? Flowers of course! These beautiful flowers take on a much sweeter twist than the traditional roses or carnations.


Valentine's Day Votives

valentines votiveSource & Image: homemadeserenity.blogspot.com

What craft post would be complete without a Mason jar activity? This craft can actually be made with any jar, so the pickle jar finished off the last time you grilled burgers would work just as well. Plus, it’s easy enough for all ages.


Valentine Paper Roll Owls

ValentinePaperRollOwlsSource & Image: happyclippings.com

Make these adorable, lovable owls using empty toilet paper rolls and almighty Mod Podge. (Where would crafters be without this miraculous adhesive, anyway?) After a few simple steps, you’ll be giving out cheesy one-liners like, “Whooo loves you?” and “Owl always love you.”


Tissue Paper Heart Suncatcher

heart suncatcherSource & Image: makobiscribe.stfi.re

Catch the light and the love with this messy and fun activity.


DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

Valentines-Day-CollageSource & Image: designertrapped.com

If you like big and bold, this Valentine’s craft is for you. It doesn’t take too many materials either.


While some of us celebrate this day with gifts and lots of hearts, candy, and flowers, there are other interesting traditions around the world. Check out 25 Unique Valentine’s Day Facts And Traditions From Around The World.


Paper Plate Heart Sewing Craft

paper-plate-yarn-weaving-heart-craftSource & Image: iheartcraftythings.com

This is a great craft idea for your little ones who might be working on those fine motor skills. They will be happy to see their finished masterpieces being used as Valentine’s Day decor, too.


Heart Thumbprint Platter

heart-thumbprint-platterSource & Image: simplykierste.com

Looking for a keepsake that is more than tissue paper and yarn? Check out this awesome craft that’s also functional.


Valentine's Candy Wreath

candy wreathSource & Image: crazylittleprojects.com

Here is a craft that is good for little fingers, big fingers, or anyone with a sweet tooth. Adorable and delicious.


Cork Love Bugs

cork love bugsSource & Image: notimeforflashcards.com

Remember those bottles of wine from number 14 on this list? Don’t throw them away. Do you have glue and markers? A heart hole-punch and googly eyes? (okay, the last one might be a bit more obscure unless you craft quite often.) If so, then you are all set to make this cute and simple craft that little fingers will enjoy making.


Valentine's Day Arrow Art

arrow art heartSource & Image: diycandy.com

Here is another craft, this time for adults, that stays away from the red and pink. Try out this craft. It might even be something you like enough to keep up all year round.


Heart Sharpie Mug

Sharpie-Tutorial-from-BrenDidSource & Image: brendid.com

If you are not particularly good at crafting, you might think that these mugs are outside of your skill set. Fear not and think again! Step by step instructions with pictures will help you wow yourself and your friends with these super cute mugs.


Valentine's Day Heart Fingerprint Tree

valentines day heart treeSource & Image: www.easypeasyandfun.com

Whether you are two, twenty-two, or eighty-two, this is a cute and easy to do craft that would make for a sweet gift to a loved one or something you can hang up with your other love-themed decorations.

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