25 Useless Body Parts You Can Actually Live Without

Did you know we have body parts we don’t need? Some are only useful in childhood; some are redundant, and some are leftovers from when we didn’t walk upright. Evolution takes a while to make adjustments, so we all end up with bits and pieces of body parts we don’t actually need anymore. However, for a lot of these spare parts, children are starting to be born without them, so that’s kind of cool. Do you want to know which parts are they? Here are 25 Useless Body Parts You Can Actually Live Without.

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Arrector Pili Muscles

GoosebumpsSource: http://www.wonderslist.com

These are tiny tiny muscles attached to our hair follicles. They’re what gives us goosebumps by contracting in order to make the hair stand up. Yeah, we don’t really need them.



Tonsils_1Source: http://www.menshealth.com/

Technically tonsils are lymph nodes, which in general are pretty darn important (if you like having a immune system). But Tonsils often get infected and inflamed so repeatedly that they just get removed. Many times they are just more trouble than they’re worth. That we’re aware of, no one has ever died due to lack of tonsils.



1911_Britannica_-_AppendicitisSource: http://www.webmd.com

The Appendix is currently useless because we no longer need it to digest high levels of cellulose. (We cook our food now! Which yes, decreases nutrients, but it makes the remaining nutrients more readily available to our body. Overall it’s a win to cook your veggies.) Since we don’t eat large amounts of raw plant matter, the appendix generally just gets infected and bursts, sometimes. It’s totally not fun, but so common about 2 in 20 Americans have had their appendix yanked out. They don’t even TRY to heal it, it’s that useless. The first issue, they just cut you open and take it. Tis a shame they can’t re-activate it for raw vegans though.


Wisdom Teeth

WisdomteethSource: http://www.toptenz.net/

Wisdom Teeth were quite useful once upon a time, when humans had a more caveman-esque diet. However they aren’t necessary now. Most people have them removed as they hurt quite a bit and can cause a whole host of issues, including migraines. However, evolution seems to be taking notes, and now some people are born without wisdom teeth! Yay!


Subclavius Muscle

Subclavius_muscle_frontal2Source: http://www.wonderslist.com

A muscle starting under the shoulder at the first rib to clavicle (collarbone), called the Subclavius Muscle, isn’t really helpful once your species starts walking upright. Some people still have them though.

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