25 Useful Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to Master iOS 8

iOS 8 may look pretty similar to iOS 7, but it’s the most feature-packed update Apple has ever released. It can be tough to sort through all the newness so we’re taking a lot of the work out of it. Check out 25 of the best tips, tricks, and hacks to master iOS 8. You’re welcome dear Apple user.

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Handoff to your other devices

iPhone and computer

Using Handoff, continue what you were doing between your phone, computer, or tablet with ease. Linking through your iCloud account, look for an icon on the bottom left of your lock screen or the left part of App Switcher (what comes up when you double press the home button). It works for Messages, Safari, Map, Pages, Calendar, Number, Keynote, Contacts, and Reminders.


Keyboard freedom

Quicktype example

Wish you could swipe to type like those Android and Windows Phone users? Now you can. Download a third party keyboard from the App Store like Swype and you can set it as one of your keyboards. Go to Settings –> Keyboards –> Add New Keyboard after installing the app.


Getting pictures back

Recycle bin

If you deleted a picture by accident or want an old one back, now you can make use of the recently deleted folder to bring it back, just like going into the recycle bin on your computer. Open the picture and click recover.


Camera exposure

Ferris wheel exposure

Cameras in phones have been getting ever more advanced. Now you can change the exposure before taking a picture. Open the camera and tap where you want the focus to be; then slide your finger up or down on the right of the focus square to adjust the level.


Shazam + Siri

Siri conversation

Rather than wait the start-up time to open Shazam, just ask Siri “What song is this?” and you’ll get the answer from Shazam right there.

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