25 Useful Mac Hacks And Tips You Should Be Using Today

For some of us using a Mac is natural. Its like having another arm or leg. For others it’s a bit more complicated. We all know someone who thinks “Mac” is synonymous with “utter chaos masked in sleek perfection”. No matter what category you fall into, however, you will surely find this list of 25 Mac Hacks and Tips helpful, or perhaps even amusing. And if you know someone that could also benefit from these mac hacks, be sure to show them this list.



If you need something more than TextEdit then Textmate may do the trick. Designed especially for developers this is a powerful platform that extends Apple’s approach to operating systems into text editors.


Invert screen colors

Invert Colors

Not many people know about his trick, but if you want to see your Mac invert its screen colors hold down Ctrl-Option-Cmd-8 on the keyboard.


Slow motion windows

Normally when you minimize a window by clicking on the yellow button it zooms to the bottom of your screen. If you’re really bored one of these days try doing it while holding down the shift button. Hey, it might not get you a girlfriend but its still cool.


Quick Look Expanded

Quicklook Expanded

Quicklook is one of those features that really sets a Mac apart. You don’t even have to open the file to read what’s inside. As unbelievable as it may seem there are some plugins out there that can make it even better.


Maximize screen zoom

One of the biggest complaints by new Mac users (after no right-click) is the behavior of the zoom button (the green button in the top left corner). It acts nothing like its Windows counterpart. There are several plugins out there that will force it to behave more like the maximize button in Windows.

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