25 Urban Legends in Every US State (Part 2)

We did the first run down of urban legends in every U.S. State. Now, we’re back for round two and boy does it get spooky. Of course, it’s not all frights and fears in this list. We also have some adorable stories, and some sad historical stories. Because, as we said before, the United States is rich with weird history, full of ghouls, goblins, and killer maniacs. From Montana to Wyoming, we’ve selected the best urban legends from each state for you, and if you’re into the supernatural, there are literally thousands more to explore. Here are 25 urban legends in every U.S. State (Part 2).

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New Mexico - UFO crash, Hart Canyon

UFO Crash SiteSource: https://wheninyourstate.com/new-mexico/these-8-new-mexico-urban-legends-are-as-scary-as-hell/

In 1949, a UFO crash supposedly happened not in Rosewell, but in Aztec, New Mexico. Supposedly, the crash site was intact enough that bodies of otherworld beings were recovered by the U.S. Government. While this was “proved” to be a hoax in the ’70s, the investigation was reopened in 2013 by the FBI. Kinda makes us question the whole “it’s totally a hoax” thing, guys.


New York - Buried Treasure, Liberty Island

Liberty_Island_photo_D_Ramey_LoganSource: https://www.nycgo.com/articles/urban-legends-slideshow

Once upon a time, when pirates – like Captain Kidd – roamed the seas, Liberty Island was known as Bedloe’s Island, and there was no lady upon it. Kidd was hanged in 1701, and eventually Fort Hood made the island home. In the 1800s, a psychic told two soldiers stationed there that there was buried treasure. Her instructions were to find the largest flat rock at midnight on a full moon and to bring a divining rod. Supposedly, the boys found the treasure, along with a pirate ghost. The ghost was somewhat less than friendly, and when the boys returned with fresh pants, both the treasure and the ghost were gone.


North Carolina - The Beast of Bladenboro

BlackCatSource: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article198869839.html

In the early 1950s, dogs were found dead, drained of their blood, in Bladenboro. In 1953, a woman went out to investigate why her neighbor’s dogs were whining, and she claims she saw a “large, cat like creature” feeling the yard. Over the next few days, over half a dozen dogs died, including one by decapitation. Eventually, a human was attacked by said beast, but the person lived and said beast fled into the woods. The town has now embraced their urban legend, hosting a “Beast Fest” every year.  Beastfest boasts a weird black cat mascot thing in a hot pink tee shirt, country music, and special guest appearances by Miss North Carolina.


North Dakota - San Haven Sanatorium, San Haven

San Haven SanatoriumSource: https://io9.gizmodo.com/this-abandoned-sanatorium-could-be-the-real-life-versio-5953632

Once, when you got Tuberculosis, there was a 50/50 chance you’d die. Because of this, people ill with TB shipped off to places like San Haven Sanatorium. San Haven was a TB sanatorium until the epidemic died down in the 1940s, when it became a sanatorium for the developmentally disabled. If you’re a fan of American Horror Story, the parallels between the second season and San Haven might keep you up at night. The complex is made up of over a dozen different buildings connected by underground tunnels, and was closed in 1987 (that’s only 30 years ago) by the local government after stories of abuse. Locals still argue about why it was shut down. You don’t have to try hard to imagine the angry and frustrated ghosts that roam the complex, including one of a teenage boy who died after the place was closed down while he was exploring. Apparently the patients missed their last feeding.


Ohio - Brubaker Road Bridge,

Brubaker_Covered_Bridge_southern_side_and_western_portalSource: https://strangeandspookyworld.com/crybaby-bridge-project/brubaker-road-covered-bridge/

There are three ghost stories associated with this bridge: 1) A woman had a baby out of wedlock, and in her shame threw the baby into the river, only to realize what she’d done and jump off the bridge herself. If you visit the bridge at night, supposedly you’ll hear a baby crying. 2) Many many years ago a 6 year old boy was kidnapped and murdered on the bridge. His ghost is very quiet. 3) A car full of teenagers crashed and they all died. Sometimes, driving across the bridge, cars will stall out, and in the quiet, you’ll hear someone knocking on the window.

…that sounds really crowded, guys.

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