25 Urban Legends in Every US State (Part 1)

Ever wonder about the urban legends in every U.S. State? Every country has its own legends and folklore and the United States is no different. From bizarre birds stealing children to horrible murder houses, the U.S. is full of ghost stories and myths. But what are they and where did they come from? Well, considering the size of U.S., and that each and every state has its own unique culture and history, we’ve decided to pick our favorite urban legend from each state. Like in all good stories and legends, each one has a least a little bit of truth. From outrageous to the historically disturbing, here are 25 Urban Legends from every U.S. State (Part 1).


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Colorado - Hatchet Lady/Old Mrs. Johnson, Red Rocks


The iconic concert venue and park had a its very own ghost. Supposedly, Mrs. Johnson would pull her coat over her head and carry a hatchet to scare off her daughter’s would be dates, and thus now appears decades later as a headless ghost to hikers and concert goers who want to get to know one another better in the shadows.

In other tales, Hatchet Lady was a homeless woman who used to live in a cave and kill children. Today, people hang out in the old graveyard off one of the trails, trying to get a glimpse of her. Either way, she’s just one of several ghostly apparitions that are haunting Red Rocks.


Connecticut - Vampires, Jewett City


This story is kind of historically cool but factually sad. In 1854, a family from Jewett City was mostly killed by a nasty bout of tuberculosis. The members of the family that did not succumb to the disease decided that the sickness was a curse from their dead family members that made said dead family members thirst for living blood. Being reasonable folk of the mid 1800’s, they exhumed their dead relatives and burned them. Some people claim that this family inspired Bram Stoker, but that’s up for debate.


Delaware - Ghost Justice


In 1744, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Delaware, Samuel Chew, died. In life, Justice Chew had been mercilessly mocked for his last name, with some people making exaggerated chewing movements and people loudly going “ah-CHEW” and faking sneezes, proving that bullies throughout the ages have been equally annoying.

After dealing with annoying bullies his whole life, Justice Chew’s spirit wasn’t ready to move on, so he haunted people in Delaware, a specter in flowing black robes, by making people sneeze uncontrollably. The resourceful towns people sent Chew’s spirit to rest by throwing another funeral, this one completely with an empty casket and all the respect Chew didn’t get in life. No one had reported sneeze haunting since.


Florida - The Bloody Bucket Bridge, Wauchula

Old buckethttp://www.weirdus.com/states/florida/road_less_traveled/blood_bucket_road/index.php

There are so many ghost stories and urban legends in the Sunshine State that it makes the Florida Man headlines look kind of tame. At least those people are only being weird while they’re alive, right? So legend says that the late 1800’s an ex-slave came down from Georgia and started working as a midwife. This woman thought that many of the families she served already had too many mouths to feed, so she took it upon herself to start smothering newborns, which she would then take and bury in the woods by the river.

Eventually the townspeople caught on and stopped letting her deliver babies, so she went insane (You know, because of all the baby souls haunting her). She would sitc next to an empty bucket and it would slowly fill up with blood, which she would take down to the bridge and empty into the river. Over and over again this happened, until she just threw herself in the river, and it ran red for three days. If you go to the bridge at night and look at the water, it runs red.


Georgia - The Cursed Pillar, Augusta


Once upon a time, an evangelist wanted to preach in a marketplace in Augusta, Georgia. The authorities intervened and said thou shalt not ruin our market with hellfire and brimstone stories. So the evangelist put a curse on the market, saying it would be destroyed and only his favorite pillar would remain.

A short while later a tornado did in fact blow through town and destroyed the market, but left the pillar standing. Afterward, up through the 1950’s, stories spread of workers who died via thunderbolt or machinery malfunction when trying to move the pillar.

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