25 Unusual Facts About Hawaii That Might Take You By Surprise

It’s probably on everyone’s bucket list already, but just in case you haven’t prioritized it, these 25 Unusual Facts About Hawaii That Might Take You By Surprise may convince you to.


Surfing was invented by Polynesians thousands of years ago. It's actual name is "heenalu"

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Hawaii is home to the Happy Face Spider

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Hawaii is the only US state that doesn't have a straight line in its border.

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It is also the only state to honor a monarch. It celebrates King Kamehameha Day on June 11. He is known for uniting the islands

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Ancient Hawaiians found obesity to be attractive

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Hawaii has its own time zone

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Astronauts train for moon and mars missions by walking on Mauna Loa's lava fields

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Hawaii has the highest life expectancy in the US at 81.3 years

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In spite of that Hawaiians consume the most Spam per capita in the US

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No matter how long you live in Hawaii, if you don't have Hawaiian ancestry then you're not Hawaiian...you're a local

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Although the United States doesn't have an official language, Hawaii has two - English and Hawaiian

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Billboards are illegal

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The Big Island grows by 42 acres every years due to constant volcanic activity

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Actually, Kilauea is the most active volcano on Earth. It's name even means "Spewing"

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The state gem is black coral, which is actually an animal. It's the only state gem that is not a mineral.

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The eastern side of the Big Island gets more rain than most places in the world. The western side gets almost none.

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Actually, the rainiest place on Earth is Mt. Waialeale on Kauai. It gets 476 inches of rain every year

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Snakes are actually illegal, except for zoos!

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Moloka'i has the highest sea cliffs on Earth

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Hawaii is the only state in the US that grows coffee, cacao, and vanilla beans

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The islands only have two native mammals - the monk seal and the hoary bat

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There are only 13 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet

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Every word ends in a vowel. Actually, every syllable ends in a vowel.

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Hawaii is considered to be the most isolated population center on the planet

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In Hawaii everyone is a minority. In fact most people are of mixed ethnicity

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