25 Unusual Deep Fried Foods That Might Gross You Out

Deep fried pickles, deep fried mac n’ cheese, deep fried Oreo’s – these foods are hallmarks of the deep fried movement. (The movement can either be defined as a group of massive people demanding fried foods or the foods’ rapid movement through your gut.) State and county fairs throughout the United States seem to be the bedrock for launching or trying out new fried foods based on American food items, much the same way as street food vendors throughout Asia play host to their own deep fried goodness (or lack of them). Whether it’s deep fried Coca-Cola or avocado in the states or deep fried cockroaches and seahorses in Asia, the world has some pretty gross deep fried foods. Maybe you’ll like some of the items on the list – deep fried strawberries don’t sound so bad though we’ve heard the taste is horrendous – but it’s likely you’ll scrunch your face and feel a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach for some of these oddities. Open wide and say “Bon Appetit” as you dig into this list of 25 unusual deep fried foods that might gross you out.

By the way, if you are itching for even more weird food items, check out these 25 disturbing food facts.

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Deep Fried Butter


First served at the 2009 Texas State Fair, deep fried butter (a deep fried coronary attack!) was invented by Abel Gonzales, Jr., the same inventor of #21’s gross deep fried food.


Deep Fried Guinea Pig


A traditional Peruvian dish, deep fried guinea pig isn’t a dish most Americans would want to dig into.


Deep Fried Strawberries

deep fried strawberriesDanielle Scott via Flickr

To negate all the goodness you get from eating them, try your strawberries deep-fried next time.


Deep Fried Cockroaches

deep fried cockroaches 2iamagenious via Flickr

The gross little bugs may be able to survive a nuclear holocaust, but cockroaches can’t escape the deep fryer.


Deep Fried Coke


First appearing at the 2006 Texas State Fair, deep fried Coca-Cola was also created by Abel Gonzales, Jr. and has been copied at numerous other fairs around the country. (It’s not pure liquid that’s fried but rather a batter heavily infused with Coca-Cola.)

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