25 Unreal Isolated Houses That Are Breathtakingly Beautiful

All city dwellers know the feeling. Sometimes, you have the urgent need to get away from it all and just run to a remote and isolated place far from all the city noise, traffic, crowds, pollution and stress. Most of us just dreamily think about it and never do it but there are some people out there who did act on that impulse, creating some of the world´s most beautiful secluded houses, cottages or even temples. From incredibly isolated picturesque Iceland´s huts to a remote stone house in Portugal, check out these 25 unreal isolated houses that are breathtakingly beautiful.


Unmatched panoramic views and absolute peace and quiet deep in nature - that is what this spectacular hut in Sulwald, Switzerland offers.

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There are many secluded houses in Australia´ s vast arid area called “The Outback”. This adorable red house is one of them.

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This little rural house hidden in the Apuseni Mountains in Romania is more suitable for horror fans than romantic loners. Apart from the eerie fog, this area is a part of the Transylvania region, home to the legendary vampire Dracula.

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Built in 1476, this impressive building is The Holy Trinity Monastery in Greece. Sitting on a 400 m. (1,300 ft.) high rock, the monastery used to be accessible via a net and rope ladder. Today, entrance to the building is gained by climbing 140 steps cut into the pinnacle rock.

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Living in a house at the crossroad has a completely new meaning for the residents of this picturesque house in Salzburg, Austria.

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