25 Unreal Isolated Houses That Are Breathtakingly Beautiful

All city dwellers know the feeling. Sometimes, you have the urgent need to get away from it all and just run to a remote and isolated place far from all the city noise, traffic, crowds, pollution and stress. Most of us just dreamily think about it and never do it but there are some people out there who did act on that impulse, creating some of the world´s most beautiful secluded houses, cottages or even temples. From incredibly isolated picturesque Iceland´s huts to a remote stone house in Portugal, check out these 25 unreal isolated houses that are breathtakingly beautiful.

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This adorable houses is found, hidden in woods near the town of Stradbally, midlands of Ireland. Living in this cottage must be every hopeless romantic's solitary dream.

justamazingplacesonearth.blogspot.com 15065_646873778673124_622660496_njustamazingplacesonearth.blogspot.com

Built in 1962, this cute mountain hut can be used by hikers free of charge. Located near the top of the Mount Brown in New Zealand, the hut is equipped with all the necessary things to offer a cozy stay over in the breathtaking surrounding landscape.

remotehuts.co.nz mt._brown_2011remotehuts.co.nz

If you want to be really sure you will have no pesky neighbors, construct something like this stone house built between two giant rocks on a remote hill in northern Portugal.

imgur.com nA3guimgur.com

Those tired of the city hustle and bustle in Florida would certainly appreciate something like this original house in Key West.

www.sandiegopropertysource.com Rayskiy-ostrov-vo-Floride7-ddfb15www.sandiegopropertysource.com

This mysterious forest house is a picturesque refuge for solitude seekers in Scotland.

www.awesomeinventions.com Cottage-In-The-Woods-Scotlandwww.awesomeinventions.com

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