25 Unmistakable Signs That You Are An Introvert

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Do you consider yourself an introvert? Maybe you know someone who is an introvert? To many, introverts are just shy, maybe even somewhat weird people. Some may even argue that introversion is a bad thing. In fact, nothing is further from the truth. According to psychologists, introverts are basically just people who draw more energy from being alone than in large groups of people. So if you consider yourself introvert, don’t worry. You are not weird! If you want to learn more about introverts or you want to find out if you are one of them, check out these 25 Unmistakable Signs That You Are An Introvert.


If you are an introvert, you are more than likely a good listener. Introverts usually don’t talk much but they listen very carefully to other people.

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Sometimes, you enjoy doing absolutely nothing. A weekend spent at home (maybe even without changing your pajamas) seems like super boring idea to many people but introverts enjoy these moments.

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A place full of people is not something you look forward to. in fact, Just the idea of so many noisy people around you probably gives you the shivers.

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Exploring an isolated island or hiking high up in the mountains - far from all the hustle and bustle – is what you consider a great vacation.

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You take your time to get back to people and usually, don’t reply immediately – whether it is a text message, a missed call or even an email.

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You internalize your feelings. It can be very hard for introverts to show their emotions when in a group of people or in public.

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Reading a book, watching a movie or listening to your favorite music sounds like a much better plan than going to a big party.

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Any job that gives the opportunity to work from home, ranks high on your list. Not only are you in your private space but you have the freedom to organize yourself as you see fit

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You plan ahead. You like having everything scheduled and planned out thoroughly.

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You are an attentive observer. You like watching other people´s behavior,

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You love writing. Many introverts write for fun (blog, local newspaper, etc) and may even keep personal diaries.

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You prefer eating alone. It's not that you're a loner but rather you see eating as a moment of rest. Interacting with other people is not a restful activity for you.

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Even if you are very busy working or studying, you always make time for yourself and your hobbies. "Me time" is very important for you. It's the time where you recharge. It's also the time where you are the most creative.

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Superficial chatting with people exhausts you. Instead, you prefer long and meaningful conversation with people you know and even then, you will listen more than talk. Which is probably why...

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Meeting new people is not exciting for you. Again, it's that whole "small talk" hurdle. Meeting new people means a certain level of superficial chatter is in order... and oh how we hate superficial chatter.

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While some people rather travel in groups, especially when visiting unknown places, you rather not, In fact, solitary travel is something you look forward to as an epitome of Independence and overall rejuvenating experience.

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You are great at speeches. Seriously, you are! Contrary to popular belief- that introverts are shy and lack self-confidence,-they are often excellent speakers. However, after the speech, they need time away from people (and superficial chatter).

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You often wear headphones as it helps in keeping other people from engaging in superficial chatter with you.

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You actually enjoy other people´s company but usually just for a short period of time and after a period solitude.

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You have few friends but they are very reliable and loyal. Introverts don’t trust easily and they can have problems finding friends who would respect their introversion but when they make a friendship, it is usually a solid one.

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When talking to your friends, you prefer one-on-one interactions.

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You are a polite and attentive host. Introverts are very sensitive and mindful people, which makes them great hosts as well as courteous guests.

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You can get distracted easily in a busy place such as a noisy pub. Introverts usually cannot handle too many impulses at the same time.

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You tend to seek spots close to exit. No matter if it is a concert, restaurant or a bus – introverts usually tend to occupy seats located next to the door so that they can leave whenever they feel overwhelmed by the action.

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You are creative. It has been proven that introverts are often talented in creative arts. Therefore, many famous artists, painters, writers, sculptors, composers, inventors and even scientists are introverts. Albert Einstein, the genius of the geniuses, was an introvert too.

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