25 Unique Valentine’s Day Facts And Traditions From Around The World

Valentine’s day is but a few days away, are you ready? Some will see this day as the epitome of a romantic celebration while others may see it as a painful reminder of their relationship status. Whether you’re single or happily partnered, ready to party with friends or have a romantic evening at home, one thing we can all enjoy are these entertaining facts about this highly celebrated holiday.

From countries where women buy men gifts to visiting a flowered skull, this list will share how people have celebrated Valentine’s Day in many different ways around the world and in different times. These are 25 of the coolest, unique and romantic Valentine’s Day facts and traditions from around the world.

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Have you ever heard the term “putting lipstick on a pig”? The Germans take it a step further by decorating or including pig statues with dinner and gifts. They’ll commonly include flowers and other fun embellishments. The pig represents luck and lust.




After gaining independence from the Soviet Union, the people of Latvia began celebrating Valentine’s Day by placing stickers on the clothing of friends and family members to show they love them.




Brazilian’s leave love to luck. People place the names of their crushes in a hat. Then they randomly select one and that’s the person they may be destined to marry.



feathered mask

El Día del Cariño is a celebration of the love for your friends, family and romantic partners. People dress up in feathered masks and Mayan outfits to celebrate their love for the people around them.



Wedding in the Philippines

If you’re looking to get married but are on a budget, Valentine’s is a day for a mass marriage. Thousands of couples gather for a huge ceremony.

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