25 Unique Valentine’s Day Facts And Traditions From Around The World

Valentine’s day is but a few days away, are you ready? Some will see this day as the epitome of a romantic celebration while others may see it as a painful reminder of their relationship status. Whether you’re single or happily partnered, ready to party with friends or have a romantic evening at home, one thing we can all enjoy are these entertaining facts about this highly celebrated holiday.

From countries where women buy men gifts to visiting a flowered skull, this list will share how people have celebrated Valentine’s Day in many different ways around the world and in different times. These are 25 of the coolest, unique and romantic Valentine’s Day facts and traditions from around the world.

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When in Rome, do like a “Roman”. While in Italy, you can visit St. Valentine’s skull which is covered in flowers. Why not celebrate by saying thank you to the person this day is named after?



Spanish Balloon

Much like the rest of the world, Mexico celebrates by eating out and giving chocolates and flowers. One big difference is that Mexicans also celebrate friendship and give heart shaped balloons to each other that say “Te Amo” or “I Love You” in Spanish.




Although celebrations like Valentine’s are not encouraged by religious leaders in many Islamic countries, the Pakistani people have started to embrace giving gifts of flowers on this day.



Tu B'av

Tu B’av is celebrated on the 15th of Av. It’s an ancient holiday that has recently begun being celebrated again. It’s the Jewish version of a matchmaking celebration.



Call me orange

Women write their phone numbers on oranges and throw them into the nearest river on the seventh day of the seventh month on the Lunar calendar.  They hope that the person of their dreams will find the fruit and call them.  Fruit vendors tend to find these and sell them as lucky fruits.

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