25 Unique Uses For Coffee And Coffee Grinds

Coffee: The sweet nectar of the gods and everyone’s favorite addictive beverage. The human race has been drinking it since at least the 15th century, possibly even before then. Legends say the goat herder Kaldi first discovered coffee when he noticed his goats were more energetic after eating the red berries of the coffee tree. Other recorded history says coffee was first consumed in the Sufi monasteries in Yemen. Either way, it’s an important part of many cultures, from the Middle East to North and South America. However, did you know it’s good for more than waking you up and turning you into a functional part of society? Here’s a list of 25 Unique Uses For Coffee And Coffee Grinds.

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Source: coffeecrossroads.com; wikipedia, Feature Image: Pixabay.com


Mix used coffee grounds in with your compost pile or straight into the dirt when planting seeds or seedlings, and your plants will thank you. This is especially helpful for carrots and radishes as it keeps away bugs that would eat at the roots. Also, any high acidity plant (like blueberries!) will thrive with a little bit of coffee.

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Mix one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of coffee powder (super finely ground coffee) and apply it to your face in a gentle circular motion. Leave the mixture on for ten minutes and rinse. The coffee will exfoliate your skin and give it lots of good antioxidants, and honey is moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. For oily skin, adding 2-3 drops of lemon juice to the mix can help control the oil and brighten your complexion.

HappyCoffeeSource: Makeupandbeauty.com, Image: www.pixabay.com

Using coffee to dye natural fibers resulting in a vintage look for clothing and textiles has been used by professional costume departments for decades. Wet the fabric, add it to a large pot with hot, strongly brewed coffee or dissolved instant coffee (1/2 - 2 cups depending on color you want). Let your garment steep in the dye for at least an hour, up to overnight. Rinse well in cold water and let it soak in clean cold water with a splash of vinegar for ten minutes to set the color.

NaturallyDyedSource: Apartmenttherapy.com, Image: www.pixabay.com

To exfoliate and fight cellulite, mix about a cup of coffee grounds (not coarse grind!), a few tablespoons of sea salt or sugar, and coconut oil to make a paste. Apply to problem areas in a circular motion, rinse. This will not only reduce cellulite with regular use over time, but it also makes a great pre-shave exfoliant and moisturizer.

scrubSource: www.elle.com, Image: www.pixabay.com

Growing your own worms for bait or to make your garden happy? Feed them your used coffee grounds! Vermicomposting is using worms to break down organic matter in your garden or composting bin. It may sound gross to some, but worms are a vital part of our ecosystem, and turns out, they love coffee as much as the rest of us.

wormSource: https://unclejimswormfarm.com, Image: www.pixabay.com

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