25 Unique Spring Break Destinations You Have To Visit

As 4th largest country in the world, the United States has hundreds of popular and well-known travel attractions. But within her borders lie immense natural beauty, which is rarely seen by most travelers. If you appreciate nature or are an outdoor fan, and are looking for unique Spring Break destinations, keep on reading to see some of the best places to add to your next travel itinerary. Forgo crowded beaches; take a rest from the drunkard norm, because in this list, we bring out 25 of the most unique spring break destinations in the USA.

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Delaware Water Gap, New Jersey

20 - NJ - Delaware Water Gap

A prime spot for rock climbing in the Northeast, the Delaware Water Gap is great for hikers, nature lovers, and anglers. Take on the park by foot or auto with over 100 miles (160 km) of hiking and roadways.


Indiana Dunes National Park, Indiana


With gorgeous views of Chicago in the distance, Indiana Dunes National Park features lake-side walking trails and its famous “singing sand” which make singing or whistling sound as the wind passes over the dunes.


Olympic National Park, Washington

18 - WA - Olympic National Park

Home to three converging ecosystems, Olympic National Park in northwest Washington state has rainforest, ocean cliffs, and alpine mountains. Popular hiking loops are along the beach and through the moss-heavy rainforest.


Chincoteague & Assateague Islands, Virginia & Maryland


The home of wild horses rumoured to have been let loose from a Spanish shipwreck (though probably put there to avoid mainland taxes), these islands spanning Virginia and Maryland are home to the annual Pony Penning Day where the volunteer fire department auctions some of the horses to raise funds and keep the population at safe levels.


Mohegan Bluffs, Rhode Island

16 - RI - Mohegan Bluffs

To get a taste of an Irish landscape on the western side of the Atlantic, check out these greenery-dotted clay cliffs seemingly plummeting into the ocean. Look out over the Atlantic or walk down the staircase to watch from the bottom.

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