25 Unique Plastic Bag Art Creations

Posted by , Updated on July 13, 2014

Plastic bags have been a part of everyday life whether in shopping, buying groceries, taking out food, or even when receiving packages from the mail. But because they are looked at as mere disposable bags, they are treated as trash way too quickly. However, certain artist from many nations have thought otherwise, recreating these bags into something awesome. Prepare to be amazed with these 25 unique plastic bag art creations you never thought possible.


Cristen Andrews

Cristen Andrewsbagsbegone.files.wordpress.com

The Miha Artnak

The Miha Artnakwww.good.is

The Miha Artnak

Ryan Frankwww.pinterest.com

John Dahlsen

John Dahlsenwww.creativityfuse.com

Barbara DePirro

Barbara DePirrowww.flickr.com

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