25 Unique Places To Spend Your Winter Holiday

With winter approaching fast, it is time to think about where you will spend your winter holiday this year. These days, when traveling is so easy and affordable, you have almost unlimited choices of destinations for your winter holiday. Those who like traditional winter locations with lot of snow can pick one of the renowned winter resorts in northern countries such as Canada, Norway, or Switzerland. Those who want to trade their parkas for swimwear and snow boots for flip flops can book a hotel in one of the all-year-round warm locations such as the Caribbean, Hawaii, or the Maldives. In fact, the winter season is also good for some fine sightseeing – particularly in countries that get too hot and/or crowded in summer. There are many ways to spend your winter holidays, and if you are not sure what might be the best option for you, keep on reading because this post will help you decide where to go this winter. From isolated tropical islands to freezing cities located north of the Arctic Circle, here are 25 Unique Places To Spend Your Winter Holiday.


Whistler, Canada

Whistler, CanadaSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: /pixabay.com

Most people still associate the winter holiday with snow and skiing, so let us kick off the list with one of the most popular ski resorts in the world. Located in the Canadian province of British Colombia, Whistler is a resort town that attracts over 2 million visitors every year, primarily for alpine skiing and snowboarding. Known for its cold and snowy winters, Whistler hosted a number of alpine, Nordic, luge, skeleton, and bobsled events at the 2010 Winter Olympics.


Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg, GermanySource: en.wikipedia.org, image: pixabay.com

The second largest city in the German state of Bavaria, Nuremberg is an enchanting historical city packed with numerous tourist sites. The best time to visit Nuremberg is right before Christmas as it is when the city hosts the iconic Nuremberg Christmas Markets. Visited by well over a million shoppers each year, the markets are particularly famous for handmade ornaments and local delicacies.


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: upload.wikimedia.org

The capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is one of the locations where shorts and flip flips can be worn throughout the year. The city is unbearably hot in summer (with temperatures often reaching up to 45 C or 115 F), which makes winter probably the best time to visit it. Apart from the renowned skyscraper skyline, the city boasts over 2,000 parks and gardens and numerous excellent beaches.


Venice, Italy

Venice, ItalySource: en.wikipedia.org, image: pixabay.com

Known by many other noble names such as The Queen of the Adriatic, The City of Bridges, or The Floating City, Venice is an extremely popular summer tourist destination. However, all of its astonishing architectural jewels as well as its renowned canals and fancy gondolas can be admired in winter too, so picking this beautiful Italian city as your winter holiday destination might be a great idea. In winter, the city is also far less crowded and accommodations are more affordable.


Tromso, Norway

Tromso, NorwaySource: en.wikipedia.org, image: Gunner Hildonen via Flickr

One of the northernmost cities in the world, Tromso is a great choice for those who enjoy a subarctic climate and cold, snowy winters.  In 1997, for example, local meteorological station recorded incredible 240 cm (94.5 in) of snow on the ground. Located north of the Arctic Circle, Tromso provides excellent conditions for watching rare natural phenomena known as the midnight sun and the Northern lights.

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