25 Unique Animal Trivia Questions To Test Your Knowledge

Posted by , Updated on November 21, 2023

Do you consider yourself an animal lover? Do you think you are familiar with the natural world? Then you should have no troubles passing our special animal trivia challenge we’ve prepared for you today. Give it a try and check your answers at the bottom of this list! Here are 25 Unique Animal Trivia Questions To Test Your Knowledge!


How fast can the ostrich run?

ostrich Source: speedofanimals.com

Where does the Dalmatian dog breed come from?

DalmatianSource: dogtime.com

What food do China's endangered giant pandas subsist on almost entirely in the wild?

giant pandaSource: nationalgeographic.com

What color is the polar bear's skin?

polar bearSource: nationalgeographic.com

How fast can the hummingbird beat its wings?

hummingbirdSource: guinnessworldrecords.com

What order does the feared camel spider belong to?

camel spiderSource: camelspider.org

What are the only two mammals that lay eggs?

eggsSource: scientificamerican.com

What is the largest sea turtle species?

sea turtleSource: nationalgeographic.com

What are the star-nosed mole's tentacle-liked receptors called?

star-nosed moleSource: nationalgeographic.com

How much electricity can the electric eel discharge?

electric eelSource: msn.com

Can cockroaches fly?

cockroachSource: pest-control.com

What makes the sea horse different from almost all other species of the animal kingdom?

sea horseSource: telegraph.co.uk

What essential thing can the kangaroo rat go its entire life without?

kangaroo rat Source: nationalgeographic.com

What is the world's largest living crocodile?

saltwater crocodileSource: nationalgeographic.com

How old is the world's oldest living tortoise?

Galapagos tortoiseSource: dailymail.co.uk

What unique ability is the South American basilisk lizard famous for?

South American basilisk lizardSource: nationalgeographic.com

What is the most dangerous and aggressive ant species?

bulldog antSource: guinnessworldrecords.com

What is the loudest animal on Earth?

blue whaleSource: nationalzoo.si.edu

How many words can a parrot learn?

parrotSource: petyak.com

Why is the scarlet jellyfish known as the eternal jellyfish?

scarlet jellyfishSource: cnn.com

What marine animal has been known to break fish tank glass with the strike of its powerful claws?

mantis shrimpSource: sciencealert.com

What insect is capable of hunting small snakes and even turtles?

giant water bugSource: bbc.co.uk

How long does it take for a saltwater pearl to form?

saltwater pearlSource: funtrivia.com

What behavior, originally thought to be human-only, was recently discovered in the Humpback whale?

Humpback whaleSource: mnn.com

What bird has the best sound-mimicking ability?

lyrebirdSource: nationalgeographic.com

Answers: 25 – up to 70 km/h (45 mph), 24 – Dalmatia Province, Croatia, 23 – bamboo, 22 – black, 21 – up to 200 times per second, 20 – Solifugae (neither spiders, nor scorpions), 19 – spiny anteater and duck-billed platypus, 18 – leatherback, 17 – Eimer’s organs, 16 – 600 volts of current, 15 – some species of cockroach (such as American and Australian cockroach) can fly, but most of them cannot, 14 – male pregnancy, 13 – water, 12 – saltwater crocodile, 11 – 185 years, 10 – walking on water, 9 – bulldog ant, 8 – blue whale (188 decibels), 7 – about 2,000 words, 6 – once old, it can morph back into its infant state and start a new life, 5 – mantis shrimp, 4 – giant water bug 3 – up to 20 years, 2 – altruism, 1 – lyrebird



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