25 Unbelievable Burial Practices That Actually Exist

Over the centuries, people have taken great consideration when burying their loved ones after they die. Their beliefs, convictions, and emotions all play a part in the method and form they chose to honor the deceased. Some types of burial methods are simple and serene, while others are over the top and celebratory. Whatever the case, human burial has a long and unique history spanning the globe. So join us as we take a look into 25 Unbelievable Burial Practices That Actually Exist.

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Firework Funeral


There are many creative ways to spread someone’s ashes, but this method takes the cake. Not only does it spread the ashes far and wide, it does it with an impressive display. A firework funeral places the ashes of the deceased inside the firework tube which is then launched high into the sky, exploding in a brilliant display of lights and colors while releasing the ashes of the deceased to be carried by high winds.


Cremation Art

glass sculpturehttps://mozillaignite.org/

Most families store the ashes of their loved ones in an urn which they proudly display in the living room or some other prominent place. However, if you really want to show off your loved one, how about mixing the ashes with paint and turning it into art? Indeed, some have resorted to this method to honor their loved ones as more than just ashes, but it doesn’t stop with paint; loved ones can also be used to create glass sculptures, pieces of jewelry, and much more.


Reef Burial


For those who love the sea, getting buried within a coral reef may be an interesting burial option. Well, it’s not the actual remains that are submerged in the water; rather, it’s the cremation ashes which are mixed with cement to form interesting features of the reef. One known underwater mausoleum or cremation memorial site is Neptune Memorial Reef that’s also the world’s largest man-made reef located 3.25 miles (5.2 km) off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida.




From the Greek word kryos meaning icy cold, this process is the low temperature preservation of humans and animals. If you’ve watched some of the sci-fi or superhero flicks roaming around, then you may be familiar with this method already. Most people undergo cryopreservation in hopes that future technology will be able to bring them back to life and back to health. However, this hope comes at a price of anywhere between $80,000 to $250,000 dollars.


Viking Ship Burials

viking ship burialwww.thegauntlet.com

Port an Eilean Mhòir is the only Viking burial discovered in mainland Britain so far. The mound was discovered in 2006 and excavation started in 2011. The boat was used either as a coffin for the dead and the grave goods (which sometimes included a slave girl) or as part of the grave goods themselves.

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