25 Unfriendliest Cities In The World

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Would you like to know which are the unfriendliest cities in the world? These cities are notorious for their rude treatment of travelers and their inhospitable atmosphere. Why would anyone visit these cities? Maybe these travelers didn’t realize how unfriendly these cities were? Before you book your next trip, make sure your destination is not one of these cities. That is, if you’re looking for a friendly, welcoming, experience. These are the 25 unfriendliest cities in the world.


Los Angeles, California, US

Los Angeles, California, US Source: www.travelandleisure.com

Ceaseless sunshine did not help Los Angeles’ score in the survey as the Californian metropolis was voted the world´s fifth unfriendliest city. While L.A. is filled with good-looking people, many of them come off as pretentious, rude, and unhelpful.


Marseilles, France

Marseilles, FranceSource: www.travelandleisure.com

France´s second largest city, Marseilles is witnessing a cultural resurgence of late, but many travelers still find it to be quite unkempt and gritty. However, despite the low friendliness score, the city is still considered way more laid-back than Paris.


St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia Source: www.travelandleisure.com

Although St. Petersburg is known as the most westernized Russian city and it is home to numerous top-notch tourist sites including the world´ s largest museum, visitors are a bit disappointed by their encounters with local residents.


Atlantic City, New Jersey, US

Atlantic City, New Jersey, US Source: www.travelandleisure.com

Atlantic City is a good place for those who like to gamble and have fun. However, travelers warn that you’ll have to put up with rude and fast-paced people all around you.


Moscow, Russia

Moscow, RussiaSource: www.travelandleisure.com

Moscow definitely has a lot to offer in terms of landmarks and culture, but locals are not very helpful, which – combined with the city’s notoriously bad traffic and general aloof atmosphere – contributed to its low ranking.

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Ranking source: Travel + Leisure

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