25 Unfortunate Fashion Trends That Are Coming Back

Posted by , Updated on January 8, 2018

There’s always a bit of trepidation surrounding the return of certain fashion trends. There are for sure some fashion trends that should just stay dead and buried. However, there are also some that might be worth redeeming for some of us on the braver and wilder side. Curious to see if some of the things in your old wardrobe can make a comeback? From frosted tips to neon bright colors, here are 25 Unfortunate Fashion Trends That Are Coming Back.


Platinum Pixie-Cuts


This trend comes and goes every few years. While it hasn’t made a full raging comeback to the popularity it had in the 90’s, you might see a few celebs, like Zoe Kravitz for example, rocking this style. Well have to see if this style makes a full comeback.


Shoulder Pads

fancy shoulder padshttp://stylecaster.com/80s-fashion-trends

While we aren’t ones to judge, if there’s a place to judge, it’s here. Here’s hoping this trend goes away again soon. But then again, we aren’t fashion designers, so who are we to say?



punk chokershttps://fashionista.com/2017/03/90s-fashion-trends-comeback-throwback#&gid=ci02064173100026b7&pid=butterfly

Here’s a revived fashion trend that holds possibility. One could go classic 90’s punk, sexy and sultry, or even subtly romantic.


Mirrored Sunglasses

mirrored sunglasseshttp://stylecaster.com/80s-fashion-trends

Here’s a throwback that can be taken in several ways. Mirrored sunglasses come in many shapes and styles, as well as colors. The metallic mirrored glasses haven’t really gone completely away. What’s coming back though, are the mirrored glasses with a bit more color.


Neon Colors

fuschia healhttp://www.instyle.com/celebrity/90s-trends-made-comeback#2809492

From t-shirts and pants to hair accessories and accents, neon colors were quite the rage in the 90’s. From bright florescent pinks, oranges, greens, and yellows, neon was in no short supply. You could even get neon sunscreen! Zinka, anyone? (…which you can still get online by the way.) Today, you can see celebs such as Kylie Jenner in thigh-high fuschia boots. You can also see neon colors popping up in shoes like these platform sandals (another trend making a comeback).


White Heels

white pumpshttp://stylecaster.com/80s-fashion-trends

This was a huge trend in the 80’s. Worn with leg-warmers (ugh…right?) or other 80’s staples, white heels were common on the cool scene. Apparently, 3 decades later, they’re starting to make a huge return with certain fashion designers.


Lingerie Slip Dress

lingere slip dresshttp://www.instyle.com/celebrity/90s-trends-made-comeback#2809492

This was a fashion trend that many were sad to see go away. Slip dresses are comfortable and cute. So what if they look like lingerie?


Lace Everywhere

lace tophttp://www.instyle.com/celebrity/90s-trends-made-comeback#2809492

Lace was another staple of the 90’s. Then you’d see it as an ever-present detail on most clothing, from those slip dresses we just mentioned to everything else like jeans and hats. If you’re wanting to help bring lace back in style, check out this top to get you started.


Wide-Waisted Cinch Belts

wide waste belthttp://stylecaster.com/80s-fashion-trends

The 80’s are calling and they want their belts back. You might start seeing this one popping up around your office. There are worse things, we guess. If you are happy about this returning trend though, check this one out. It could feasibly go punk, glam, or Ren fair.


Wide-Legged Jeans

wide leg jeanshttps://fashionista.com/2017/03/90s-fashion-trends-comeback-throwback#&gid=ci02064173100026b7&pid=butterfly

90’s kids, rejoice! Wide-legged jeans are making a comeback! JNCO, anyone?


Bangs and Bobs


This one isn’t much of a surprise as both bangs and bobs come back every few years. If you’ve been secretly missing your bangs, now is the time to bring them back!



sequence dresshttp://stylecaster.com/80s-fashion-trends

Sequence adorned many things in the 80’s, from jackets to prom dresses. It was a go-to for anything formal. If you miss all the bling and aren’t happy with glitter, check out this fun dress.


Mixed Prints

mixed print tophttp://www.instyle.com/celebrity/90s-trends-made-comeback#2809492

Mixing prints has always been rather risky. For those of you who like to be bold and brave, feel free to add variety to your wardrobe by putting a few different prints together. You can also find a lot of clothing designers mixing prints for you.



ruffled dresshttp://stylecaster.com/80s-fashion-trends

Like we mentioned earlier, we aren’t professing to be the experts when it comes to fashion. We’re just telling you what’s out there. Unfortunately, ruffles are back out there. In our humble opinion, maybe they should have stayed in the 80’s. Disagree? Well, then…check this out.


Men's Inspired Suits for Women

woman in suit and tiehttp://www.instyle.com/celebrity/90s-trends-made-comeback#2809492

Many of us remember Julia Roberts rocking this style. For those of you jealous of all the cool ties the men in your life wear, you can now raid a few closets.


Platform Flip-Flops

platform flip flopshttps://fashionista.com/2017/03/90s-fashion-trends-comeback-throwback#&gid=ci02064173100026b7&pid=butterfly

In the 90’s they took the platform shoe and married it with the flip-flop. Beach-going fashionistas everywhere celebrated and hopefully didn’t twist their ankle. If you wish to strut your stuff in this fashion revival, might we recommend these?


Box Braids

box braidshttp://www.instyle.com/celebrity/90s-trends-made-comeback#2809492

Box braids were pretty stylish in the 90’s, mainly due to a few celebs like Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice and Brandy in Moesha. Today you can see it with bright colors and twists.


Bucket Hats

bucket hathttps://fashionista.com/2017/03/90s-fashion-trends-comeback-throwback#&gid=ci02064173100026b7&pid=butterfly

Hats come in all shapes and sizes. In the 90’s the style was all about bucket hats. Some of you might remember Brittany Spears sporting this trend. The advantage to this trend is that you can get them in virtually ANY print! Here’s one that’s cute and chic.


Denim Jumpers

denim jumper dresshttp://www.instyle.com/celebrity/90s-trends-made-comeback#2809492

Denim comes in a million different ways. In the 90’s jumpers and dresses were found in various forms of denim. You can find them still in oversized cute versions, but designers today are keeping things form fitting and sexy.


Bubble Shirts

popcorn shirthttps://fashionista.com/2017/03/90s-fashion-trends-comeback-throwback#&gid=ci02064173100026b7&pid=butterfly

Also known as popcorn shirts, these magical shirts started out super tiny, something you’d buy for your kid’s baby doll. However, once you put them on, they expand to fit most shapes and sizes.


Track Pants

track pants and healshttp://www.instyle.com/celebrity/90s-trends-made-comeback#2809492

Quite possibly on par with sporting yoga pants while grocery shopping and running other errands is the return of track pants. Apparently in effort to drop the bar a little lower, some people are even wearing them with the pant legs unsnapped. We’re not sure if it’s meant to look like a semi-skirt or if fashionistas are waking up lazy. Don’t believe us? Check out these track pants worn not only open, but with high heals! 


Animal Prints

animal print shirthttps://www.workingmother.com/fashion-trends-that-are-making-comeback

Have animal prints ever fully gone away? They’ve come and gone in popularity, but this is a trend that’s making a big resurgence, even in the office!


High-Waisted Pegged Jeans


High-waisted pants have been en vogue for a while, but you can now add “pegging” to the picture. Pegged jeans from the 80’s took rolling your jeans to the next level with a very specific way to roll them. You’ll see them often paired with high heels. If you’re not big on the high-waist fashion trend, you can just stick with the pegging.


Denim Jackets

born this way jackethttp://stylecaster.com/80s-fashion-trends/slide11

Denim jackets with pins, patches, and airbrushed art were a staple of 80’s fashion. You’ll start to see this style trend pop up in stores soon if you haven’t already. Style Caster recommends going with a lighter wash and something slightly over-sized.


Butterfly Clips

butterfly hairclipshttps://fashionista.com/2017/03/90s-fashion-trends-comeback-throwback#&gid=ci02064173100026b7&pid=butterfly

Do you remember the brightly colored sparkly butterflies that adorned almost every hair style out there in the 90’s? While the idea itself is unfortunate, luckily you’ll start to see more sophisticated and realistic looking butterfly clips making their way on the scene. You’ll also see more metallic colors along with the super bright and colorful. Get a jump on this trend with these.


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